Concealer is every woman’s secret weapon!

Now, if you think from the title of the blog we are implying you should conceal the truth to seal any deal, we’re not. We just like how it rhymes, really, that’s it!

Let’s move on…
Concealer, love the stuff! Don’t you love, on a good skin day, all you have to do is pop on a little concealer and make up done?

Little to no makeup is always the end goal, our beautiful client Chloe Morello gets it.

Trust us when we say that spot concealing is life changing. By applying concealer only where you need it, your skin WILL look flawless and still look like natural, glowing, non-cakey skin.

Masking the skin, you’re trying to cover up with a heavy makeup will only worsen or even create a breakout.

Face Plus Medispa stock a range of mineral concealers by Jane Iredale. Let go through your target concerns and which might be best –For acne scars, veins, tattoo or redness we love the Disappear Full Coverage Concealer.

It offers high coverage with an opaque finish to blur and diffuse the look of imperfections.
Disappear Full Coverage Concealer, $58

Formulated for dark circles the Enlighten Concealer is a versatile concealer with rich, antioxidant properties that will also help with puffiness.

If you want to look like you’ve had the prescribed eight hours sleep, this is the concealer for you!
If you need some tips on sleeping, check out this blog
Enlighten Concealer, $47

This next one does it all, we usually recommend this particular concealer to our patients who might have some bruising following a surgical procedure or treatment.

The Corrective Colours palette kit contains four hues, offering full coverage and an endless number of custom shade combinations.

The formula, as mentioned above created to conceal post-operative bruising; yellow conceals redness, peach hides the blue, purple covers the grey tones whilst lilac camouflages yellow tones and beige hides any post inflammatory
hyperpigmentation left behind.

The formula combines green tea extract, beeswax, morninga butter and avocado oil to calm, sooth and assist with the healing of the skin.
The Corrective Colours, $54

If you’re looking for more coverage than just concealer check out our foundation blog
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