I am the luckiest person in the world to have a mum as kind and caring as mine.

My mum is the sort of person that remembers a top you saw three months ago and will sneak out and buy it for your birthday. She’s the kind of person that drops everything to bring you bone broth and vitamin C powder at the slightest mention of a cold.

She’s my person, through the happiest times and the hardest ones. So, its natural that on mother’s day (and really it should be every other day too) that I want to spoil her.
If you’ve got a mum like mine then a material gift or experience is lovely, but it’s the money can’t buy moments that really win her over.

As well as Face Plus Oxygen Glow Facial Voucher, I want to dedicate the whole of Sunday the 13th May to spending quality time with my mum. We’re not the kind of family that goes to a fancy restaurant on national holidays and pays for an overpriced set menu. We prefer to spend it at home, all together, like no time has passed.

Here is a list of cost-effective ways to show your mum just how grateful you are to have her this Mother’s Day

  1. Cook her a delicious brunch

My mum’s ultimate gift is to have someone trade places with her in the kitchen. While she’s a great cook, she just doesn’t enjoy doing it – so taking her place is the ultimate present. Do a beautiful breakfast spread of bakery treats, eggs, bacon, avocado, sautéed mushrooms. Breakfast is an easy option that doesn’t break the bank but really impresses people.

Decorate the table with fresh flowers and an extra bunch at mum’s seat, to win all the brownie points.
Don’t forget to clean the kitchen after. Nothing ruins a relaxing breakfast than mum scrubbing bacon fat of her scanpan.

  1. Make her a photo album of you two

Memories are the most precious present you could gift your mum. Especially now that everything is digital, it’s easy for photos to get lost amongst your Instagram feed.

Take the time to print out some recent photos and dig up some old ones. There is something so lovely about a physical photo as opposed to one on your home screen.
Go the extra mile and frame one of your favourites.

  1. Watch a favourite movie together

We are glorified movie buffs in our family. At Christmas time we have to watch Love Actually and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Pick a movie that is sentimental to your childhood and cosy up after your food coma to watch it all together.

  1. Make mum a homemade body scrub

Rose and Coconut Oil Body Scrub

  • 5 tablespoon organic coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon pure sweet almond oil
  • 7-10 tablespoon granulated sugar
  • 2 handfuls of Fresh rose petals


  • Put coconut oil, almond oil, sugar, fresh and cleaned rose petals to the blender.
  • Make sure that all the ingredients are blended coarsely and smooth enough so that it can be applied on the skin. You can also add your favourite essential oil for extra benefits.
  • Keep this rose sugar scrub aside for 10 minutes so that the nutrients of sugar and rose can mix up with coconut and almond oils.

Store in an airtight container for 5-7 days

  1. Draw your mum a beautiful bubble bath

Now for this one, you’re obviously going to give your mum a bit of alone time, but run her warm bath, pop some champagne for her to enjoy and gift her a new book. This simple pamper session will have her feeling lovely and relaxed.
Enjoy making memories with your mum this mother’s day.

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