“Holy Grail” to reverse signs of ageing at Face Plus.

Remember that smooth tight healthy skin when you were 18? Remember how you never really appreciated it?

At Face Plus Medispa, we really do believe in keeping it natural. Only fill or lift to your former glory and no one will even know you’ve had anything done.

Injectables have come a LONG way, gone are the days where people look like cats and could hardly move their face!

Muscle relaxants can be used to treat a number of aging concerns and of course reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you missed it, check out a Q&A with Nurse Jasmine re: muscle relaxants here

There are a variety of fillers available at Face Plus Medispa. Some specifically designed for the lips or the tear throughs. When it comes to lips the filler will depend on the look the patient wants to achieve, you can read about the fillers in depth here

We have had a unique filler for tear trough available at face Plus for quite some time now but what we love about this filler is, that it now only fills but it works to repair the skin below the surface. We love a two for one!

We had always been told there is nothing that can be done for the neck; the sagging skin, those pesky neck lines and the double chin!

The sagging appearance of skin and neck lines can now be treated with a filler product we call “The Beauty Boost”, like all HA fillers this too is not permanent but like the tear trough filler mentioned above, it works below the surface of your skin! Read about the treatment here 

As for the double chin, the “Belkyra” injectable treatment is worth it’s hype. Some may think, why go through three injectable sessions when I can just have one session of “Submental Liposculpture” with Dr William Mooney?

There are a few great reasons! Firstly, this injectable treatment works to tighten your skin as well as dissolve the fat, in a non-invasive procedure that involves zero scarring and head garment is not needed either. It works by permanently destroying the fat cells located under the chin.

Belkyra is not designed for those who are overweight or obese, it is perfect for those who are fit and healthy but are unable to lose that stubborn pocket of fat under the chin.
We have conducted our own trials in house and will share the results in another blog.

Injectables are not your only option when targeting all signs of aging. Peels and home care is a must for anyone over the age of 30. Our most popular range of peels are the Herbal Phyto Peels. These peels are tailored to each individual and their skin concerns, read more here 

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