Age Spots vs Freckles.



Age spots and freckles do have similarities but they are two different types of hyperpigmentation.
Freckles typically appear on those who have fair skin, especially people with red hair. They can often appear darker as a child but then they fade as you age, hereditary freckles are for life.

Sun exposure in these skin types will cause more freckles and existing freckles may become darker if time is spent in the sun without an SPF
Freckles are an inherited trait and if you have inherited traits like red hair and fair skin, the appearance of freckles are inevitable.

Age spots often tend to be bigger than freckles and only appear due to aging. Sometimes you may find they are slightly raised. Age spots appear on the face and hands and areas that are exposed to the elements, rather than the entire body.

Sun exposure plays a large role in the development of age spots but they also occur due to the deterioration of skin cells, a natural part of aging.
The more time you spend in the sun, the more damage is caused to the cells, this is the connection! Years of sun damage can lead to more melanin production in a certain area, developing an age spot.

The difference?
Freckles are small and can appear anywhere, at any age and are hereditary.
Age spots can occur to anyone of any skin type.
Further age spots and freckles can be prevented but only age spots can be effectively treated.

Freckles are natural and we always advise our patients to treat them as you would a beauty mark.
Embracing will give you a boost of confidence about your skin and you won’t want to wear as much make up any more to try and cover up.

Another reason to love your freckles? They’re very fashionable and on trend at the moment! They are also seen to make you look younger, unlike age spots.

Prevention & protection…
SPF is your best friend! A sun block should be applied throughout the day.
If you have the skin type to develop more freckles extra care and caution must be taken as your skin requires more protection from the sun.
As they say; slip, slop & slap. Wear protective clothing and accessories when exposed to the sun.

If you are concerned about spots appearing on your body it is important to seek the attention of a GP or a dermatologist.

Face Plus Medispa can assist in the treatment of age spots and pigmentation but freckles are a permanent gift you can thank your family for!

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