Smile spring is almost here!

With Spring in the air (literally, does anyone else love the smell of Jasmine?!) and warmer weather on our doorsteps, it is the perfect transitional time from wintery hibernation, to living with more of a spring in our step (had to be done).

But sometimes that’s easier said than done. Wintery, cooler months allow us to really rest – sleep-ins are favoured over early morning boot camps in the cold, warmer and heartier meals are a food staple, and nights in rugged up and watching Netflix are a go-to weekend must!

So how do we effortlessly transition from Winter comfort to Spring-time energy?
Here are some simple ways to transition your wellbeing to Spring:

Consider a cleanse
It’s normal in the colder months to be more likely to reach for a soup or curry than a fresh salad or green juice. Our bodies change their cravings based on a variety of factors, and the weather is absolutely one of these.

To transition ourselves physically from Winter to Spring, consider a juice or soup cleanse to really reset your physical body as the weather warms up.

Now that is not to say you need to go a week without solid food. Even a one-day cleanse of soups and juices is enough to give your digestive system a reboot, leaving you with a clearer mind and settled tummy.
Check out one of our bone broth tips here

Take up an outdoor activity
With the weather warming up, now is the perfect excuse to get into the sun and move our bodies while we’re at it!
Consider taking up a new physical activity that you have been ‘meaning to’ try for a while now – anything from nature hiking, to rock climbing, to swimming.

Spring is the perfect season to take your training outdoors, as there is just enough chill in the air that training doesn’t become TOO unbearable.
Grab yourself some new activewear to get your motivation peaking, and get outside!
Keen to try some yoga? Read the benefits via our blog here.

Spend time with sunshine-y people
The people you spend your time with REALLY matter – after all, we are all energetic beings, and energy is contagious! Make a conscious effort to spend more of your time with people who make you feel good!

That is, they leave you feeling light, make you laugh and feel like no effort to hang out with.
If you aren’t sure where to find likeminded people, consider joining a local women’s circle, or look up cool events in your area and go along on your own (scary yes, but also so liberating).

You never know who you could run into. By putting yourself into more situations with likeminded people, you are bound to attract your soul sisters.

Additionally, be conscious of when your energy feels drained around certain people and be conscious to create some boundaries so you are not left feeling exhausted after any social outings.

Bring the outdoors, in
Start connecting more with nature by bringing plants and flowers inside! You don’t have to wait for a partner or loved one to gift you with a beautiful bunch – head to the farmers markets each weekend and buy some yourself!

Not only will they leave you feeling happy, but the added brightness to your home definitely adds to that Spring-time feel.

Flowers not your thing? How about a lucky bamboo plant or succulent? Anything green and leafy will do!

Get your nature fix
Spring is ALL about the outdoors, so be sure to connect with nature in some way. For some of you that may look like a weekend away in the Blue Mountains filled with bush walks. For others, a coastal stroll followed by an ocean swim is a must.

Whatever it may be, make a conscious effort to get outside and connect with nature – take off your shoes, lie on the grass and soak up the sun. Your body, mind AND soul will thank you for it.

What are you most looking forward to about Spring?

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