Aging, it happens to all of us.

Fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable and there is no cure but we can certainly try and hide and camouflage!

Prevention and care is key; a good skin care regimen is important and is more important than make up.

When the skin is looking and feeling great less make up is required.

Items that should be a part of your skin care regime:
1. SPF sun block, this is so important for many reasons. You can read why here

2. Cleanser, there are many cleansers available at Face Plus Medispa but our number one choice for aging skin is the HydroPeptide, Exfoliating Cleanser

3. Toner, they can be quite harsh and aging skin is finer and should be aware of all of the ingredients in the bottle. We recommend another great product from the HydroPeptide range, Pre-Treatment Toner 

4. Serums, they’re all the rage and for good reason! The serums available are endless and it’s important to find the one right for you! Check out some options here

5. Moisturising creams are also never ending, so many promises yet a lot of them don’t deliver. We have a few options that target a variety of concerns. A skin assessment will best determine which cream is most appropriate for you, in the meantime check out some of our options here 

If you have already taken the steps to keep your skin in great shape, good on you!

Here are your key make up tips:

1. Primer makes a difference when you use it as a base before applying makeup. When you’re trying to cover up or lessen the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles a silicone based primer will help fill in the small imperfections.

When using a primer you will find the end result smoother.

2. Believe it or not going a little darker in your foundation can help camouflage the wrinkles and lines.

3. If you have dry skin, avoid powder. This will often magnify your lines and opt for cream based foundations.

4. Make your lips or eyes the focal point. Draw the attention to where you want them to look!

Don’t get too hung up on all of this though, read our wellness blog, Through the ages here for that little confidence boost you might require.

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