If you already have a beard, congratulations!

We know growing a beard is tough work, fighting through the itch, going through that awkward stage of uneven and patchy growth and contemplating whether or not to just give up!

Maintenance: Washing your beard
Does this sound like your wash routine?
Get whole body wet, grab soap, and wash whole body and rinse? If it does, we need to have a chat!

To maintain a luscious beard, you need to treat it like the hair on your head. Shampoo your beard, at least three times a week. The shampoo will thoroughly cleanse your beard and treat the hair.

Believe it or not, you should also condition the beard. Using a hair conditioner in your beard will help soften and detangle the beard hair. You can use a leave in conditioner if you find that your beard is getting too wiry.

We don’t recommend you blow dry your beard, this will dry out the skin on your face. Pat and wipe your beard dry with a towel and give it a comb or a brush.

Just like the hair on your head your beard will require trimming. Many generally use an electric trimmer but did you know there is more room for error with them? The pro’s recommend investing in a pair of professional barber’s scissors.

Growing a beard is serious work and if you’re committed to growing the lushest beard then make sure your diet is filled with lean meats, nuts, eggs and plenty of leafy greens.
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