If you have yet to develop fine lines and wrinkles but still see signs of aging, pigmentation is usually to blame.

Pigmentation is caused by sun damage and will begin to show as you get older and will increasingly get worse as you age and spend more time in the sun.
Prevention is the first step and you can read all of our tips here.

A prevention plan is important for everyone, even if you already have existing pigmentation, more spots and discolouration will continue to appear if you do not act on this.

To target the pigmentation, you already have there are so many product options available on the market. We strongly believe in the Ultra MD range, which is a great range of Australian products.
The Ultra MD range can only be prescribed from a Medispa like Face Plus Medispa as they use a powerful combination of ingredients to target the skin concern. When we say powerful, we mean POWERFUL!

If you can only include one more product in your regime we recommend the Ultimate A Refining Serum, By Ultra MD.
This product is our Bankstown, advanced dermal therapist, Diana Italiano’s go-to for anyone who is looking to actively treat their pigmentation.

One of the most popular products in the range, contains potent levels Ultra MD’s exclusive advanced stabilisation and delivery technology, Ultra-RetiTM Microparticles (long-life pure retinol microparticles). The encapsulation and delivery technology features retinol embedded into a soft wax protection, stabilisation and delivery system. This ensures ingredient potency and effectiveness.

Featuring pure retinol, supported by the action of pro-vitamin C and the enzyme bromelain (derived from pineapple), this serum was developed to support the sin’s production of collagen and elastin.

The Ultimate A Refining Serum, By Ultra MD has been clinically tested and shown to refine and improve the appearance of skin clarity, texture, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and other skin imperfections.
Users of this serum will see dramatically plump skin!

Ultimate A Refining Serum, By Ultra MD, $155

Additional treatment and product recommendations can be found here.

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