Zero recovery time with fewer risks, the liquid brow lift has quickly become one of the most popular non-surgical treatments on the market.

Patients seeking a liquid brow lift are looking to brighten the look of their eyes, lift and create an arch in their brows. This is an ideal procedure for young and active patients.
Clinical manager and expert injector, Jean-Charles Neveu-Collins, Face Plus Medispa, Bondi Junction gives us the full low down:

Treatments such as muscle relaxant can de used as artistry to reshape eyebrows by lifting them.

To achieve an aesthetically pleasing outcome, the technique is an art form that must be carefully performed with precision.

Let’s just go back to the muscle anatomical basics. Muscles in our body only work one way, they contract, not push. Therefore, to enable our body movements, our muscles work by pairs. E.g. to lift our forearm up, we contract our biceps and the go the opposite way, we would contract the triceps.

The same principle applies for the muscles in out face. However, we have lot more muscles and more than one opposing muscles. This is why we have many different facial expressions to show different emotions.

This is also why; relaxing facial muscles for cosmetic purposes is a form of artistry. It is easy to freeze for the sake of “freezing wrinkles”, but the frozen “stunned deer in the headlights” is not a good look!

As a muscle is relaxed in the face, this allows the opposite muscle to either lift or drop, resulting in different cosmetic outcomes.

In the case of an eye brow lift, the muscles pulling the lateral brow down can be relaxed giving an eyebrow lift, but we can also change the shape of the brow, giving it a nice lateral flare.

As time goes by, natural facial changes occur and we lose facial volume in areas around the brow accentuating brow ptosis (drop). Treating that volume loss with hyaluronic acid dermal filler around the eye area, can restore a youthful appearance, opening the eye and lifting the brow.

The price of muscle relaxants vary between $5.50 (Dysport) to $16(Botox) per unit (Administered by nurse), quantity will vary from patient to patient, also effected overall treatment price.

Prices for fillers start at $490 per ml, the appropriate filler for the patient and the area will be used. Face Plus Medispa carry all fillers available in the market place.
Aquamid is available at Face Plus but can only be administered by Dr William Mooney.

Injectable treatments are available from all three clinics, to book in a consultation:
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