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Hot or not? We’re here to share 2017’s beauty trends with you and how to best care for your skin to ensure these trends don’t impact your skin health!

Glitter is appearing EVERYWHERE! Glitter lips, glitter under liner, glitter contouring or otherwise known as strobing, is a trend we have seen appearing on catwalks and across social media. We would categories this one under fad.

These trends are fun but it’s important to take your skins needs into consideration. Glitter on the skin causes a number of skin imperfections, including milia, inflammation and accelerate sebum on the skin, causing the skin to clog and over produce oil, suffocating the sebaceous gland.

We’re all for you rocking this trend but here are our key tips:

1. Always apply a primer all over the face and areas where the glitter will be applied. The primer will shield and protect the skin from any sensitivity the glitter may cause.
Jane Iredale, Smooth Affair: $78

2. Around the eyes always apply an eye cream prior to glitter application. It will act as a shield for the pores, protecting them from trapped sebum and milia.
Dr Spiller, Silk Balm: $154

3.  Glitter on the lips can cause blackheads along the lip line and would not recommend products with lanolin in the ingredients such as “Vaseline”, lanolin can accelerate hair growth (no, thank you!). We would highly recommend a hyaluronic lip plumping peptide gloss to keep the lips moist, supple whilst plumping and protecting.
HydroPeptide, Perfecting Gloss: $60

Following the above tips will help you come out of this fad, unscathed!

Photo Credit: @zar_browexpert

Eyebrow tattooing has been around for a few years and it’s definitely going to be sticking around. Enter our “Twenty SevenQueen” competition and you can win your very own eyebrow transformation! Click here to see competition

Eyebrow tattooing is a huge time saver, but those with oily skin or those who have laser treatments may find their brows fading a lot quicker than expected.

Here are the steps to ensure your tattoo lasts for as long as possible:

1. Some make removers contain stripping agents such as glycolic and salicylic, which will strip the pigment of colour in the tattoo, fading it drastically.

We strongly recommend Dr Spiller, Eye Make-Up Remover, this product contains castor oil, which not only easily removes make up but it strengthens, grows lashes and brow hair!
Dr Spiller, Eye Make-Up Remover: $78

  1. Make sure that your brows are protecting from the sun. The sun is the number one culprit for fading and stripping your eyebrow tattoo. Ensure that you are always covering your brows with a physical sunscreen, if that confuses you, this blog is a MUST READ Click here to read more.
    HydroPeptide, Solar Defense: Anti-Wrinkle, SPF 30: $69, 50ml

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