We don’t mean to alarm you but the way you apply makeup might be stretching your skin.

You’ve heard it all, everything you do can age your skin, if you stay out in the sun, if you don’t use the right creams but your make up application technique?? Especially when you’re apply makeup to cover up those lines and wrinkles!
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Pulling and rubbing on the skin around your eyes can cause the eyelids to lose elasticity and become more wrinkled.The skin around your eyes are much finer and delicate than other areas of the face, the tugging can really damage the collagen and even break capillaries.

Never fear, there is a solution – be gentle!
The most common wrinkle causing make up techniques are:
Pulling on your eyelid too much when applying eyeliner.
Instead of lifting the lid upwards and stretching the eyelid, gently pull the skin from the corner of the outer eyelid.

We know how difficult it is to get the winged eyeliner right. So, rather than rubbing the mistake or smudge away we suggest you use a cotton tip to remove mistakes or smudges.

Another great tip would be to use liquid eyeliner instead of a pencil liner. Liquid eyeliners glide on more easily and don’t create as much drag as pencil liners.

When it comes to foundation our inhouse makeup artist Rowena’s advice “use a beauty blender or foundation brush as it’s a lighter touch on the delicate skin especially around the eye area”.

Do you tug at your eyes when removing makeup?
By the time you have made the decision to remove your makeup you want it to come off as quickly as possible! Well, try your best not to be so harsh and rushed with the removal, try and be a little patient.

It’s best to soak your cotton pads with a gentle makeup remover and apply them to the eye area, leave them on there until the makeup has completely dissolved.

When it comes to mascara wiping is a big no no!
Gently wipe the lashes upward and down till there is no mascara remaining.
Eye creams need a gentle touch too. Our go to eye cream is the Eye Authority by HydroPeptide, read more here.

Apply your eye cream in a light tapping motion using your ring finger. Start from the inner corner of your lower lid and work your way to the outer corner of your eyes.

So, the key? Use the tools made for the job! You’ve probably seen those young hip Instagram stars using all of the different sponges and brushes? Well, they’re onto something and we should quickly follow suit rather than using your fingers as brushes and blending tools.

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