Mineral make up should be your first choice with its many benefits for your skin.

Make up application does not have to be a scary “test and see how you go” experience if you suffer from sensitised and inflamed skin conditions including thread, spider or cherry veins.

Anyone with serious skin concerns we recommend the mineral make up range by Jane Iredale.

Anyone can be allergic or sensitive to a variety of ingredients found in makeup. Jane Iredale have removed the top three sensitisers from their makeup range; synthetic fragrance, petroleum and synthetic preservatives.

Jane Iredale tested each and every product for sensitivity on a 50-person test panel in a laboratory. Individuals with extreme chemical sensitivities wear able to wear the makeup successfully.

Often those with inflamed skin conditions find that powder makeup is drying BUT Jane Iredale’s minerals are actually the opposite! The minerals trap the moisture between the skin and the particle layer. Powders containing a high percentage of talc in the formula can have this effect.

Whilst the foundation forms a protective barrier on the skin whilst still allowing it to breathe and function normally.

The tests performed confirms that all of the products in this range are non-comedogenic and do not block your pores.

The minerals are concentrated pigment, camouflage can be fast and easy, especially when covering up any type of redness or erythema.

Jane Iredale make up will not only cover redness, but the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are known to help soothe the skin.

The minerals inside the products have been tested and show that there are no nano-sized minerals in any of the products.

Watch our in house makeup artist Rowena apply the Jane Iredale makeup range on a patient with acne prone skin here

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