Keep your skin health on track during weather.

Our daily routine tends to change with the seasons and winter is no exception.

Just like we need to put on extra layers of clothes, it’s important we adjust our skin care routine to ensure it fits in with the symptoms of these colder months.

Winter can often be a very drying time for our skin. Think cracked cuticles and flaky skin. Amp up your beauty routine to help protect your natural moisture barrier.

You want to aim for products that offer hydrating ingredients with powerful proteins to help revitalise your skin from head to toe.
Here is a list of beauty tips you should look to adopt this Winter

  1. Carry a lip balm everywhere

Harsh winds can definitely take a toll on sensitive lips. There is nothing worse than peeling lips, so make sure to gently exfoliate your lips with a sugar scrub twice a week and follow up by applying a hydrating lip balm.

During the cold months, avoid dehydrating matte lipsticks and opt for a lip stain mixed with paw paw ointment.
Pro tip: use chilled tea bags to help soothe any chapped areas

  1. Add oatmeal to your bath

While it’s perfectly acceptable to skip shaving this Winter, it’s not acceptable to have dry and crusty legs. In your next Epsom salt bath, add some oatmeal into the mix.

The fats will help to lubricate and moisturise the dead skin.
Make sure to pop on some vitam E cream once you exit the tub.

  1. Use a humidifier

Do you ever wake up on a winters morning with a dry and scratchy throat? A humidifier will help mist the air and replace the lost moisture. You can also expect to see amazing benefits for your skin.

  1. Apply facial oil

Facial oils are hit and miss, especially if you are prone to oily or combination skin. However, if you feel like the Winter air has dried you out a facial oil at night can help restore the natural moisture balance to your skin.

  1. Don’t forget sunscreen

While in summer this is a no brainer, many people often forget to slip, slop, slap during the cooler months. You might be praying for the sun rays to feel stronger, but they are still very strong even if you don’t feel much heat.

Especially in Australia our UV rays cause much more damage. I recommend combining your 30 SPF with some day moisturiser to help keep your face hydrated and protected

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