Do you feel like there is an excessive amount of gum showing when you smile? A gummy smile is nothing to be embarrassed about, but if it concerns you it can easily be treated with anti-wrinkle. Gum show can be excessive if your upper lip moves too high when you smile. The levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle connects the middle corner of the eye to the upper lip and works to lift the upper lip and enables you to snarl. Small amounts of anti-wrinkle injections can be placed into this muscle to reduce gum show. This treatment is relatively quick and non-invasive.

Before and After

Lip lines

Accordian lines (smile lines) – treated with dermal filler and antiwrinkle injections

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Treatment Overview

Hyper-hydrosis or excessive sweating can be socially embarrassing, whether armpits, hands or feet. Relaxants can solve this problem.. Great for your clothes and confidence.

We use a range of injectable relaxants and pride ourselves on achieving fresh, vital, real results with our highly qualified doctors and nurses.


  • Sweating

Suitable For

  • 18+ Only
  • Need for treatment is based on a detailed consultation with cosmetic nurse/doctor


  • Option A: $16.90 per Unit
  • Option B: $6.50 per unit

The Lowdown

What to Expect

A bespoke treatment of anti-wrinkle medication will be administered. The procedure is safe, not painful and quick to perform. Note the treatment is temporary, relaxing the muscle for approximately 3-6 months. For optimum results continued anti-wrinkle treatments are required.

Before the Treatment

There is a detailed consultation with the cosmetic nurse or doctor to discuss treatment options based on the patient expectations. During the consultation the cosmetic nurse or doctor will assess your face, note asymmetry, and take photographs to document your cosmetic journey.

After the Treatment

Anti-wrinkle treatments are generally well tolerated. You will notice the product taking effect 2-4 days after the procedure, and full effect will be visible 2 weeks after the treatment.
The most common side effects include: local irritation or redness and mild to moderate swelling. Although rare, bruising can occur. If it does remember it is temporary and can be covered with make up 24 hours after the treatment.

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