Wax on wax off: Jojoba Peeling Cream

Jojoba oil shares the same molecular structure as the sebum found in our skin.

Containing soft spheres of jojoba wax, The Jojoba Peeling Cream by Dr Spiller provides an instantly softening and clarified skin.

Exfoliating is an integral part of skin care, read why here.

The Jojoba Peeling cream is an exfoliant that is suitable for all skin types. May even be used on sensitised skin conditions.
A creamy formula instantly removes dead skin and clogging residue. Microbeads sliding effortlessly unclogs and decongests pores.

The skin will not be scratched or abraded during exfoliation thanks to the spherical jojoba beads.

Key ingredient, jojoba wax beads remove the skin debris and dulling residue for a re-texturised effect. Jojoba wax beads gently degrade with heat and friction.

The peeling cream contains essential fatty alcohols a barrier protective emollient rich in biomimetic fatty alcohols.

Essential fatty acids are present and are also barrier protective emollients rich in biomimetic fatty acids.
Jojoba Peeling Cream by Dr Spiller, $68

Depending on your skin type, exfoliate once or twice a week. To use the Jojoba Peeling Cream by Dr Spiller a pearl-sized amount is required for the face, neck and décolletage.

When cleansing and exfoliating your face it is important to always use lukewarm water on the face as hot water can aggravate the skin.

The strength of the exfoliation will depend on the pressure you apply to the skin. If you have fairly rough and tough skin apply more pressure when using circular motions. For a milder exfoliation use a very light circular movement.

Over exfoliation can strip the acid mantle and the skin’s protective mechanism.
For an even deeper and thorough exfoliation try the Anti-Wrinkle, Polish and Plump Peel by HydroPeptide, read more here.  Some describe this two-step system as a dermabrasion you can perform in the comfort of your own home. These are the two products you will use if you are looking for glowing, smooth skin instantly.

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