Giving: The greatest gift of all

Sharing this season is the greatest gift of all.

It’s the lead up to Chrissy – shopping centres are bustling, parking spots are as rare as Unicorns and time seems to be on fast-forward with a mishmash of parties, social events and gift-giving circles.

Christmas and giving go hand in hand. Be it the office Kris Kringle, an elaborate gifting tradition with family, or your first Christmas with your partner – giving gifts can be super stressful if we lose sight of why we gift in the first place.

Christmas aside, the act of giving is an act of LOVE. It is symbolic of showing the person you are gifting how they mean to you. That you have thought of them, and that (regardless of the gift size or how much you spent) – for that person, they crossed your mind in that point in time, and you wanted to offer your generosity to display how they mean to you.

Giving is an act of generosity. When we forget this, and giving becomes an act of obligation, is when giving loses its magic.

It actually shouldn’t matter how much is spent, or what you actually end up gifting – we all hear the age-old saying it’s the thought that counts.
Flash back to the best gifts you have every received – guaranteed there was a deep level of thought put into the gifting. It’s also highly likely you didn’t care about what was spent.

What mattered was that the giver thought of you. That they shared a slice of love with you in the form of something thoughtful.

In fact, highly-acclaimed relationship book The Five Love Languages, written by relationship counsellor Gary Chapman, claims that one of the five acts of love is giving gifts! That to some people, there is no GREATER way to show love to another person than to gift them something.

The underlying premise here is that gifting is about thoughtfulness and love. Showing the receiving person you care.

When it comes to gifting this festive season, come back to the root cause – WHY are you buying this person a gift? What do they mean to you? How can you show them this?

Remember gifts don’t need to be material – gifting experiences, a heartfelt letter, photo collages, homemade recipes – the options really are endless.

And when it comes to RECEIVING gifts – remember to always be courteous and grateful. It actually shouldn’t matter again what it is you receive.

What matters is that the person giving you a gift has thought of you and gone out of their way to pass something your way.

Receive with love and gratitude and watch how beautiful the energetic exchange is that unfolds. Giving is all about LOVE. And it really is the greatest gift of all.

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