Cleansing Gels

If you like to wear a lot of makeup, or like us you are getting Halloween glam this weekend, you might need to consider adding a cleansing gel into your skincare routine.

Face Plus Medispa stocks an extensive range of cleansers from milk to gel formulas, however, it is important to match your cleanser to your skin’s requirements.

A milk cleanser for example is a bit too gentle to remove stubborn eye and contour makeup which is where a gel base comes into play.

For some skin types it may even be necessary to use two different cleansing products i.e. a cleansing gel for the first wash followed by a cleansing milk for the second wash. As part of a healthy skincare routine it is important to ensure you are double cleansing your skin both morning and night.

1st Cleanse (to remove makeup and environmental debris)
2nd cleanse (to ensure the skin is clean)
Double cleansing is incredibly important as you need to remove all physical and environmental toxins before re-hydrating the skin with topical products.

You need to start with a clean canvas.

Below is Face Plus Medispa’s top 2 gel cleansers. These gel cleaners will properly dissolve your makeup and lift the dirt/ residue from your face.

If you do have sensitive skin, we would recommend switching to a milk cleanser for the second cleanse as is a gentle way to now focus on cleaning the skin itself, as opposed to the product layered onto the skin.

Dr. Spiller Sensitive Aloe Cleansing Gel

This water-soluble cleansing gel cleans the skin without stripping and drying it. It is the perfect cleanser for sensitive, reactive or oily skin types.

The aloe vera extract acts to smooth and sooth the skin whilst reducing visible redness that can occur when you cleanse your skin after a prolonged period of wearing heavy makeup.

HydroPeptide Cleansing Gel

The HydroPeptide Cleansing gel is an all in one miracle product. It combines a makeup remover, toner and anti-ageing cleanser together to make your skincare routine super-efficient.

This lightweight gel formula is massaged with damp hands into the skin and gently dissolves dirt, oil and makeup while balancing excess oil production.

The product is gluten, paraben, phthalates, sulphates and cruelty free.

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