As a 30 something year old writing this blog there are so many things that I would like to say to the 20-year-old self.

In your 20’s you often so put way too much pressure on yourself to look “perfect”. Instagram didn’t come into play until my late 20’s, this I am thankful for!
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In your 20’s it’s really the time to be taking great care of your skin to maintain the youthful bounce and glow present. We’re not telling you take any drastic measures, no way!

What we are telling you is that you need to gain a strong understanding of what your skin needs and how it is aging.

Book yourself in for a skin consultation, this will ensure that you are on the right track to youthful skin even into your 50’s! Check out our skin consultation process HERE

We all begin to lose collagen and elastin from the age of about 25, at 25 you’ll see your body and skin changing. Some will see fine lines and wrinkles appearing a lot sooner than others, this is really normal, it just means that you need to start taking serious care of your skin.

Also consider rethinking your diet to naturally boost collagen, read HERE
When you start to see these subtle signs of aging we recommend a course of Laser Genesis, you can read more about this pain free, no downtime anti-aging laser treatment HERE 

If this isn’t quite enough, it usually is BUT it could be time to consider injectables. You can read more about our cosmetic consultation process HERE

If you’re in your early 20’s here are the things you need to start incorporating into your weekly/daily routine, if you don’t already:

1. Exfoliate every second day, you can do this in the shower! Find an exfoliator that doesn’t strip the skin. We recommend the Dr Spiller, Jojoba Peeling Cream, $68

2. You should have started already but use sun protection, DAILY! Read the importance of sunblock HERE

3. If you’re not an active person, start!

4. We’re finding 20 something are wearing a lot of makeup lately. Make sure you use an appropriate cleanser and toner for your skin type. HERE are a few of our essential products

Prevention is key BUT don’t overdo it, this is why we highly recommend you visit for a skin consultation. We often see 20 something year old panic a little and overdo it causing damage to their skin.

Be kind to your skin, it’s the only one you have! It’s the largest organ and it does a lot for you.

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