Are new year resolutions still a thing?

Regardless guaranteed this week will be the week everyone starts going to the gym and starting a new diet.

But have you noticed as Australia day rolls around those new year resolutions seem to drift away, like a distant memory. But we’ve got to remember, we set these goals at the beginning of the year because it’s something we want, right?

How do we stay on the right track? How do we make sure we achieve our goals without straying in the first four weeks of the year?

  1. Set realistic goals!
    You know yourself better than anyone else. Set goals you know that you can achieve.
  2. Accountability
    Commit, hold yourself accountable and keep track. There is an app for everything these days. Download one and achieve, achieve, achieve!
  3. Keep your eye on the prize
    How will you reward yourself if you reach that goal? Seriously, reward yourself, you deserve it.
  4. Stay positive
    It’s really easy to get down if you feel like your letting yourself down. Don’t forget, you’re in control! Positive thinking is empowering and pep talks might just be the thing that gets you to the end.
  5. Celebrate
    When you reach the end goal you have number three (3) to look forward to but celebrating along the way is really great for your morale. No matter how big or small, take the time to celebrate the small wins. Not only are you getting closer to your goal but you are building your confidence.

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Can we help with your goals?
Skin concerns? We aim to target skin concerns to help you achieve your skin goals. It all starts with a consultation with our experienced dermal therapists. Check out our consultation process details here.

Want to make cosmetic improvements? Lift, fill, refine, tighten and so much more! Non-surgical cosmetic improvements can be made with our cosmetic nurses.

Some goals will not be achieved overnight but we will always provide you with a realistic timeline to hit those goals.  Much like skin, this process begins with a cosmetic assessment, read about the process here.

Want to make sure you target these goals with a clear mind? Have you ever considered reiki? Tania Dobbie our master reiki healer will offer a sense of clarity you never knew you needed. What is reiki? Detail can be found via our Energise blog.

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