Let’s talk about contouring.

Contouring is a technique that has been long used on runway and photoshoot models, but in recent years YouTubers and celebrity make up artists have made the technique more user friendly and accessible.

What is it and how does it work?
By contouring the face you are enhancing the facial structure through make up, accentuating your natural features.

The contouring should not be noticeable, just a subtle definition should be visible.
You can create the appearance of higher cheekbones, slimmer nose and chin.

Follow make up artist, Rowena Campbell from Face Plus Medispa, Bondi Beach and you’ll be contouring like a pro, in no time!
“Anything you want to push back or recede, use a darker shade than your skin tone e.g. bronzer, cream contour, foundation, powder.

Anything you want to bring forward or enhance, use a highlighting product e.g. liquid illuminator, highlighting powder, or lighter shades of concealer or foundation” says Rowena.
How to –

  • First apply your base, don’t forget cleanse, tone and moisturise.
  • Once you have applied your base, you’re ready to start contouring. Powders are easy to use but you can use a darker shade of foundation or concealer and blend it in depending on your preference and what product best suits the finish you like and your skin type.
  • For an everyday makeup look you can lightly apply a matte bronzer just under the cheekbones in the hollows of the cheeks moving up and back towards the ears. You can apply bronzer anywhere you want to shade and push back. Around the temples and top of the forehead, sides of the nose, chin and jaw line, it just depends on your face shape and how you wish to manipulate it.
  • Apply a blush on the apples of the cheeks and again moving back towards the hairline, just above where you have placed the bronzer.
  • And lastly, apply highlighter where you want to bring forward and catch the light. On the tops of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose, the cupids bow.

“Remember that highlighter doesn’t always mean shimmery it can also mean just a lighter shade of your usual face makeup creating light and shade on the face” Rowena Campbell, make up artist.

Products we recommend:

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