Sometimes the importance of a groom’s role in wedding planning can be overlooked.

It is easy to get caught up in catering to the bride’s desires: what is her dress going to look like? Who is in the bridal party?

Brides have often dreamed of their ‘special day’ from a young age, and while this is a wonderful time to make all of their dreams come true, it is just as important to ensure the groom is looked after during this special time as well.

Remember – they have invested their own time, financial contribution and heart into planning and delivering your special proposal – and that is not to be overlooked! It takes courage, commitment and a whole heap of love to deliver this special moment – which deserves celebration in itself.

Here are some top tips to ensure the groom is just as involved and looked after in the lead up to the special day:

Allocate tasks to the groom
It can be super easy for the bride-to-be to get carried away with wedding planning – it is their dream day after all! Before getting too far ahead, sit down with your hubby-to-be and ask him what he envisioned for your special day.

What colours did he imagine the bridesmaids wearing? What kind of music does he want playing? It is easy to assume your significant other doesn’t really care about these sorts of things, but you may be surprised!

By asking him what he envisions, you are allowing him to participate in all of the big decisions – which you can then allocate tasks to. For example, my fiancé is really passionate about photography, so he has been given the task of choosing our photographer.  Give him tasks to focus on that he will enjoy, so he doesn’t feel left out.

Ask his advice
No, you don’t have to show him a picture of your final choice of dress, but before you go looking it may be nice to ask what styles he envisioned you in. How does he like your hair?

What flowers does he like? Remember that look of love you will see at the end of the aisle – you want him to be blown away by how you look, so hearing what he has in mind is always helpful.

Remember the day is for BOTH of you
Does he like cigars or have a penchant for whiskey? While these may not be YOUR thing, remember the day is for you both. If arranging a little special bar of goodies him and his mates will enjoy will make his day that extra bit special, so be it.

Attention is most likely going to be on you for the whole day anyway, so it is important he feel just as special.

Organise some special surprises for him in the lead up to the day
Perhaps you want to thank him for just being an amazing fiancé, or show him how excited you are to be marrying him. Book him in for a massage or facial – something pampering that often gets overlooked for the groom.

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Allow him to celebrate with his mates
Accept the fact that if you are having a hens, he will most likely have a bucks. Feel free to speak with him and his friends around what you would deem appropriate, and then release control. This is one of the only nights in his life you really don’t have much of a say – so trust all will be okay (you are marrying him after all, so trust is paramount!).

Be sure to have planned your own night out that falls on the same night as the bucks, so you aren’t spending time worrying about what is happening when you’re not there. (Chances are it is tamer than what you imagine!).

If you both get a little carried away, you could both book in for a couples IV treatment following the festivities at the Face Plus Medispa, Drip & Chill area, read more HERE 

Take time away from ‘wedding planning’ to be just the two of you
Be sure not to get so caught up in the planning that you miss what makes your relationship special – date nights, nights in cuddling on the couch, and just moments not talking about the wedding are all so important.

What are ways you looked after your groom in the lead up to the big day?

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