Manscaping has come a long way!

We are seeing a lot more men taking care of their appearance visiting our Face Plus Medispa clinics for a variety of laser and injectable treatments.

The most popular male treatment in our clinics is the Full Face, Laser Genesis treatment. Men love this treatment because it’s quick, easy and highly effective!

The most popular injectable treatment we see for men is Botox or otherwise known as “Brotox” for the men.
Outside of the clinical treatments there are a few easy things men can incorporate into their routine to maintain a youthful appearance.

1. Exfoliate: If you’re still that guy using the bar of soap or the same body wash for the whole body, we really need to have a chat!

If you find yourself with in grown hairs as your share, it is likely you don’t exfoliate enough. Exfoliating your skin before a shave will ensure a clean and clear finish. Read more tips on shaving here 

2. Eye cream: Use an eye cream and those dark circles and puffy eyes will magically disappear. This addition will have you looking healthy, well rested and more youthful. Eye cream tips can be found here

3. Moisturise and SPF: It’s annoying having to apply so many creams in the morning right? We know this can be frustrating when you need to moisturise and apply a sunblock.

Find a cream with an SPF, a two for one! We recommend the creams available in the Ultraceuticals range:
a) SunActive SPF 50+ face & body lotion by Ultraceuticals, $59

b) Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF, Hydrating by Ultraceuticals, $79

If you’re onto into doing the bare minimum than the inclusion of the above three items will really make quite a difference to your skin.

If you’re looking to really take care of your skin there is a lot more that you can do!

4. Incorporate evening products: Believe it or not, there are products for the day and night. In the evening, it is a great time to apply an additional serum for a mask.

This is highly effective for those who feel like they have itchy or dry skin. A serum is a great addition, it won’t leave your skin sticky and you don’t need to remove it. We recommend the Ultra MD, B2Serum, $99

We break it down for all the men out there via out blog.
The sensitive types usually have redness and a few dry patches here and there. The sensitive guy’s products and routine can be found here 
Tough skin? Often very dry and can even crack! Follow the tips in this blog
We also have a blog for the “no fuss guy”, he has pretty good skin and you’re thinking you might step it up a notch as you get a little older 

For a, thorough skin consultation or a clear homecare plan: 
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