Autumn and the cooler months are the optimal time of the year to be working on your skin.

We all begin to spend less time in the sun so it’s a great time to be focusing on anti-aging treatments and best preparing your skin with the drier times as… “Winter is coming…”.
So what can you start working?

There are many treatments to specifically target pigmentation and now is the best time to start. You can read about the treatments HERE

There are also at home products you can also begin adding into regime for optimal results. The first product we highly recommend you add is the Ultra MD, Brightening Serum. This is the one product that will visibly diminish the appearance of pigmentation.

With a potent blend of AHAs and BHA, the Brightening Serum works to improve texture, clarity and luminosity. This product can be used daily, please ensure you consult with your dermal therapist prior to implementing this product into you regime. More info on this great product HERE 
Ultra MD, Brightening Serum, $155

When you are lacking hydration your skin will appear quite tired which leads to an “aged” appearance.

The most important thing is to keep hydrated. It is also time to step up your products.
1. Continue to use a sunscreen, if you didn’t use one during summer, do us a favour START!

2. Cleansing your face is still a very important step in your skin care regime as is exfoliating. We recommend the cream based exfoliator by Dr Spiller, Jojoba Peeling creme.
Dr Spiller, Jojoba Peeling Crème, $67

3. Continue to tone your face, your skin still faces the daily elements and the toner will ensure your skin is clean and ready for the moisturising hydration you are about to apply.

4. Add a serum NOW, prior to your moisturising cream apply a serum to your skin for that extra hydration. We recommend the Ultimate B2 Hydrating Serum.

The serum contains hyaluronic acid to synergistically help restore vital moisture balance and provide long lasting hydration. Depending on your skins needs you can use this product once to twice a day, you can also spot treat specific areas you require that extra boost of hydration.
Ultra MD, Ultimate B2 Hydrating Serum, $99

5. Review your moisturiser. Does it provide enough moisture or do you feel you need to reapply immediately? If you’re finding yourself using more product than you would in summer, it’s time to step up to a more hydrating product for the next 6 months or so.

Skin Texture
Your skin texture may also appear rougher and not as smooth to touch.

Considering all of the above changes will definitely impact you skin texture.
If skin texture has been an ongoing issue we highly recommend these two products on rotation:
HydroPeptide, Cleansing Gel: $69

HydroPeptide, Exfoliating Cleanser: $69

The HydroPeptide range of products are made to perfect and correct aging skin. The cleansing gel should be used twice a day.

The Exfoliating Cleanser should be incorporated every second day only once. Please keep in mind these are instructions for those who are concerned with skin texture.

Using these two powerful products together with your other home care techniques your skin will begin to repair the dames cell structures! Daily skin regime will vary from person to person and it’s always best to book in a consultation with our dermal professionals for your tailored home care plan.

Visit one of the Face Plus Medispa clinics for a thorough skin consultation: 
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