Have you ever heard of a beauty detox?

Do you think you need one?
The 5:2 skin detox is suppose to allow your skin to breathe and lead to younger, healthier looking skin with results visible in approximately one month.

Taking a break from make up allows the skin to replenish with out layers of makeup occluding it. The over use of makeup can breakdown collagen and elastin in the skin, we all know how important they are right? If not, read more here.

So, what does the diet consist of? You don’t have to sacrifice food it’s about going for two days, consecutively or non-consecutively in a week without wearing makeup.

Makeup usually contains fragrances, preservatives and chemical ingredients which can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation.
Some of the ingredients found in makeup can clog the skin and lead to enlarged pores.

The 5:2 skin diet doesn’t have to be a regular part of your life, skin fasting twice a year once in spring and the other in Autumn will bring great results to the skin. These particular seasons require a change in routine, so it’s a great time of year to take a little break. Need help transitioning through seasons? Check out our blog for some tips.

Going makeup free also means you are not having to use makeup removal products that also lead to skin irritation. Makeup removal products are often stripping the skin of all the good oils you need to protect your skin from the elements and free radicals.

The other downfall is that a lot of you are not removing makeup at the end of the day. Heading to sleep with your makeup on after a big night.
If you are using the right skincare regime, as prescribed by Face Plus Medispa you will likely not need to go on this skin diet. What should be included in your daily regime? Check out our basic essentials blog here.

OR if the diet plan doesn’t work visit for a skin peel, new skin in 5 days, read more here.

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