How to achieve luscious lips that fit your face. 

There is nothing we all hate more than those who pout their lips out to create fullness in photographs, if you’re a culprit we’re here to tell you, you don’t have to fake it anymore! Condescending? Sorry!

We’re not here to say that you MUST get it done if you always pout your lips out but we are here to educate and dispel myths you may have heard. Here are the main reasons why people are often slow to get fillers:

A full ml of filler can cost between $490 to $790. On average, we see our patients returning every 6 to 12 months for a top up.

If you frequently top up your filler, you will need to come in less often, unless you want to gain additional volume. If this is out of your budget, what can we say but pout away!

Many are afraid of the needle when they first have injectables. Following the treatment patients wonder what took them so long to have it done.

The prick of the needle lasts no more than 2 to 3 seconds. When we allocate 45 minutes for your appointment time this is to ensure that you understand the treatment process.

The time it takes to inject is often shorter than your whole consultation! Read about our consultation process here

We get this one a lot “Will my husband/boyfriend notice?”, they usually notice your lips and rarely other areas.

If done well, there should be a gradual change and not a dramatic change. For those who have thin lips that wish to achieve subtle volume it takes a few appointments to achieve the final outcome.

Often patients are afraid of what the outcome will look like. Patients sometimes asked “what if it’s too big?” or “what if they’re not big enough?”, there are solutions for both. If you believe they are too big then we use a product called “Hylase” to dissolve some of the product to minimise the amount of filler present.

If the injectable area isn’t quite as big as you had hoped, we can always inject more!

We have seen many patients walk through the doors and tell us they had wished they had visited us from the beginning.

Make sure you find a reputable clinic, visit a place your friends, family or acquaintances have seen great results.

Check out their social media platforms, read their reviews and book in a consult to see if they feel right. Follow us on Instagram 

We’re not going to sugar coat this part. Everyone swells following their appointment, you won’t see your final results till about 7 days, this is why almost everyone comes back to their complimentary follow up appointment wanting a little more.

Bruising, if you easily bruise, there is a chance you may bruise. Our injectors are highly skilled and will do everything in their power to ensure there is minimal bruising.

We have left the most common till last. The fear of needle and the pain are two different things. People believe because something is being injected it will be painful. For many a bit of ice to mildly numb the area is enough but we can take many other measures.

Face Plus Medispa have created a highly potent topical numbing cream that is not available anywhere else. The nurse will apply the cream to the area prior to the treatment and not treat until the area is numb.

Another favourite among some pain fearing patients is the happy gas! We will only provide the gas if deemed necessary during the process, the nurse will make this decision.
You can read about the variety of filler options here

We hope that we have put your pouting, minds at ease and visit us for a consultation.
Check out our results from injectable fillers here

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