How to rid yourself of unnecessary but pretty paraphernalia

I have a secret to admit. I’m a bit of hoarder. Not to the drastic levels as seen on the hit TLC show, but I do have a weakness for buying beauty products that I probably don’t need but will also never let go of.

Now that its Autumn and our summer social calendars have officially wound down, it’s time to catch up on those pesky chores that have fallen to the bottom of your to do list. A big one for me is to de-clutter my vanity cabinet.

I’m an absolute sucker for samples, sales and all things ‘deal’ related. Put it this way, I can’t get a facial or visit a chemist without buying at least one product.

Since I started working at Face Plus I’ve had an enormous amount of education about my skin, skin care products and their ingredients.  Within a few days the dermal therapists had sworn me off using some of my beauty bargains that were causing a lot more harm than good to my skin. For me, this clean-up is as much educational as it is therapeutic.

Toss old product
The first place to start is by expiry date. Did you know that most mascaras for instance only have a recommended three-month expiration date? I’m pretty sure I have the Mascara I wore to my 21st Birthday Party.

Same goes with creams, gels, vitamins ect. If it’s out of date chuck it. The reason they say be very careful with old makeup and beauty products is because over time it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. A foundation for instance, comes into contact with your hands, makeup brushes, sponges as well as the air.

The product (if not all natural or mineral) still has some real ingredients and these ingredients will go off. It’s also important to remember where you store your makeup. Is it near the sun or in a hot bathroom near your shower?

Warm temperatures are a breeding ground for bacteria and the last place you want to put that, is directly on your face or near your eyes.

One in one out Policy
I’ve recently purchased some of the products in the Dr Spiller Range. I’m loving their cucumber toner and their propolis night cream to help get my breakouts under control. Now I’ve introduced new product it’s time to replace the old ones.

One of each
Am I the only person to own three different types of facial cleansers? It’s ridiculous, excessive and wasteful. Face Plus dermal therapist Diana, follows the KISS model. Keep it Simple, Stupid. Have one product for each skin function.

For example, you only need one SPF in your vanity. Simplify your product range and you will simplify your beauty routine. Sometimes too many products and options cause more harm than good.

Store product logically
Half the time, I’m running late in the morning because my products are all over the place. Part of my clean-up process is re-organising everything.

For instance, store all lipsticks together, all makeup brushes together, morning skincare together and evening skin care together.
I went to Ikea and purchased these amazing clear draws and trays. Now, all my items are clearly and cleanly displayed.

Clean your equipment
The final stage to my vanity makeover is to deep clean all my makeup brushes, sponges, containers and shelves.  Good hygiene in skin care is essential. Especially when dealing with facial oils and creams, it’s easy to transfer product onto other surfaces.

With a non-toxic product (I used a packet of natural makeup wipes from the chemist) clean the exterior of all of our bottles and jars.

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