“Feelings are just vistors, let them come and go” -Mooji

Stress happens to everyone….but especially to brides in the leadup to their wedding.

Many brides dream about their perfect wedding well before they are even engaged. From the dress, to the venue, the flowers and the guests… planning a wedding is a milestone event where you have the added pressure of also being the centre of attention.

It’s no wonder that this pressure for perfection causes even a ‘relaxed, cool girl’ bride to lose a few days of sleep.

Stress while not totally unavoidable, is manageable. Eating healthily, exercising regularly and ensuring you get enough sleep is a good start but here are a few more tips to ensure you take care of yourself before your big day.

  1. Don’t make the wedding all about you

This one might sound a little backhanded, but what we mean, is make sure to delegate responsibilities out to all invested parties and hold those people accountable.

Most people assume that the wedding is completely controlled by the bride, not realising that their crazy mother in law has invited half her bridge class.

If that’s the case, make the mother in law in charge of the first round of seating arrangements, then you can just do final edits.

Delegation is key to being a stress-free bride and don’t be afraid to remind your partner that they are equally responsible too.

  1. Make a list of what is most important to you and focus on making those right….as for the rest, don’t worry if they aren’t flawless

If all you care about is how your dress fits and what the flowers look like, then invest your energy wholeheartedly there and don’t stress too much about the rest.

Sure, you want the band to play nice songs and the menu cards to be perfectly placed, but in the end of the day if the drinks are flowing and the mood is buzzing, no one will notice the details like you would.

  1. Write your thoughts down

Your mind can often be busy thinking about a million things at once. Keep a notepad by your bed, or start a checklist on your phone and add to it every time you have a question or a doubt you need to check.

That way you keep all your thoughts in one place and can tick them off at your next bridal session.

  1. Schedule in bridal time

Unlike in the movies where brides do nothing but plan their wedding all day, most people have regular 9-5 jobs to maintain before a wedding.

Cake tasting isn’t an all-day activity, its something you do on a lunchbreak or as an appointment after work. Just like you would schedule in a WIP call, pencil in a wedding meeting with yourself one evening a week.

Set an agenda ahead of time and make a point to action all of your items before you return to your Netflix show. While it might seem unromantic to handle a wedding like you would a work meeting, it is after all an event that needs proper planning.

Take emotion out of these meetings and just address them as action points that way you will get through the list much quicker.

  1. Schedule in non-bridal time

From the moment you get engaged many brides feel like all they get asked is questions about the wedding. Many find this experience utterly frustrating and overwhelming.

It’s important to remember that before you were a bride you were a person and your significant other’s partner. Take time alone and with your partner to just be together without all the bridal chatter.

  1. Think about the future

Many brides get bogged down in the details of their big day they forget to focus on the honeymoon and life after the wedding. If a wedding is meant to symbolise the start of your new life then make exciting plans for that new life.

Don’t fall victim to the anti-climactic ‘after the wedding’ feeling, be excited that you’ll never have to argue over the seating arrangements of your partners second cousins.

Most importantly remember that being a bride means marrying the love of your life. If you remind yourself that the day is about love then that long list of material items really does seem irrelevant.

You could have the most expensive and perfectly structured wedding but if you don’t enjoy every moment of it and exude a happy and positive vibe, then all the hard work will be lost amongst the stress.

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