You don’t need to be a restaurant chef to make Halloween fun for everyone.

Whether you’re hosting a trick or treat party for your kids or a boo’s and booze party for your friends get creative with our easy list of ideas.

White Chocolate dipped strawberry ghosts

Witch Hat Cupcakes
Tip: if you’re not the baking kind, never fear buy the store-bought ones and just decorate with an ice-cream cone hat.

Mini Pumpkin pretzels:
All you need to do is add some orange food dye to a white chocolate mix and voila. You can add the green top if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

Hot Dog Fingers:
They might make your stomach churn at first glance, but we guarantee they will be a crowd pleaser.
Make sure you leave a bit of patient prep time to carve out your Frankfurt sausages.
If cooking really isn’t your style, then try your hand at these easy decorating tips.

Make a skeleton your dinner party centrepiece and arrange with fruit, cheese or lollies as you please.
Scare your flat mates, partner or children with some horror themed centrepieces.

Simply grab some jars from around the house, fill with either dolls heads or rubber masks, combine some water with a few drops of green food dye and you have a creepy science experiment.
Pro tip: wake up early and pop one of these in the fridge and wait for the screams in the morning.

Do you have a garden? Great! Use some dirt to create a dug up gravesite.

Stuff a scary Halloween mask with newspaper and wedge in between a closet or trap ceiling door.

Use fishing string to hang cheap dollar store witch hats to the ceiling for a magical illusion.

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