If you have to pop it here are some key tips.

We all know that it’s a bad idea BUT we all do it, were guilty of doing it to ourselves and we also attack our partners… PIMPLES!

Your pimples fall into two categories –

1. Non-inflammatory: Also known as comedo, blackheads are pores that have filled up with an excess of oil and dead skin. The colour is caused by a build up of melanin pigment in the pore.

Like blackheads, whiteheads is due to an over production of oil but unlike blackheads a whitehead is covered by a thin layer of skin, it remains white or a yellow tinge, the natural colour of the sebum as it has not yet been exposed to oxygen.

2. Inflammatory: These appear when the body is fighting to contain an infection. These pimples will generally appear red and swollen.

Papules will vary in size and appear red or pink due to a slight inflammation. Papules are the result of an increase in oil and bacteria inside the pore trapped by dead skin cells.

They are slightly inflamed as your body’s immune system fights the infection with white blood cells. Another form of inflammatory pimple is pustules, these form deeper inside the pore than the papules, but the cause and result are the same.

The most serious cases are cystic nodular acne. They are deep, painful and large due to the amount of pus present. If these are not treated correctly there can be permanent scarring.

Extracting a pimple at home is never a good idea. The only pimple that we would recommend you extract would be a white head, only if it needs to be! There are specific steps one should follow –

1. Cleanse the skin properly – make sure the area is clean and your hands are thoroughly clean.

2. Do not use your fingers! Use two cotton tips and rock and roll gently on either side of the visible pimple. If the pimple does not come out following this technique do not continue the extraction.

3. Once you have removed the pimple carefully disinfect the area and apply Dr Spiller, Roll on Acnoderm Gel 50ml ($99) to stop the pimple from becoming infected and it can also assist in killing the pimple off.

If the pimple is not extracted carefully and hygienically there is a risk of spreading the infection to other areas and scarring.

What we can do in clinic
In clinic we are able to complete extractions and other medical grade treatments to ensure the pimple and breakout area never returns again.
If you have already done damage this too can be repaired with LED light therapy or other laser treatments.
For patients who are suffering a breakout and require extractions the best facial is the Dr Spiller, Enzyme Facial with extractions. Click here to find out more.
Want to find out more about our facials? Read here

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