Some of the tips that we share with you in this blog will be relevant to most ages!

What we are trying to say is that it’s really important to start these tips and habits sooner rather than later!

1. You’ve read, seen and heard this a million times BUT drink lots of water! Not just any water though, read more HERE Part one and Part two HERE.

It is really important to be taking care of your beauty from the inside out. If you can’t cope with the bland taste of water alone, the blog has a few tips on various ways of keeping hydrated.

We also recommend the beautiful range of elixirs from The Beauty Chef, there are a few tasty flavours that target varying areas:
Hydration, Inner Beauty Boost, read more HERE
Collagen, Inner Beauty Boost, read more HERE

2. Be bold! Your 20’s is a great time to experiment with different makeup and hair looks. But try not to wear too much foundation/coverage. If you’re covering something up, now is the perfect time to be correcting any skin concerns you may have. That bag? It can wait!

3. Do not over pluck your brows. Keep them under control. HERE are out four steps to perfect brows

4. Quit smoking!!! It’s a bad habit that greatly impacts the health of your skin. It restricts the supply of blood to the skin and not to mentioned “smokers” lips! As you age smoker’s lips will become more prominent.

5. Take lukewarm water showers over hot showers. The heat from hot showers dry both your hair and skin. As we age the natural oils on the scalp will decrease, try washing your hair less frequently to preserve the oils. Two words, dry shampoo.

6. Don’t neglect your neck and hands. We see a lot of patients who took very good care of the skin on their face but completely neglected their neck and hands. You’ve been warned.

7. This one may just be a beauty myth but we don’t think it is. Drinking from a straw gives you wrinkles! A lot of people drink from a straw due to teethe whitening BUT any kind of repetitive movement does cause wrinkles.

8. Be kind to your skin and take some preventative measures. Read more here INSERT LINK WHEN YOU HAVE CREATED THE BLOG

That’s it, try and keep to these key rules and you’ll be cruising into through your 20’s and straight into your 30’s in confidence. Don’t be surprised if you hear “Really? You only look 21!”.

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