#HealthGoals: Discover your healthiest body

It really is true when they say “your body is a temple”. If your body isn’t healthy you often see it impacting other areas of your life.
If you’re reading this blog and you have already had a treatment with Tania Dobbie, Massage Therapist and Master Reiki Practitioner, you have already experience her life changing and body transforming techniques.
What patients say about our Tania:
“I have been seeing a chiropractor to treat a shoulder injury for years, after just two treatments with Tania I feel like a new person”.
“My stomach had been feeling off for about a year. I was seeing a naturopath and a nutritionist to try and fix it but I just didn’t feel like anything was changing. Tania suggested a stomach massage and some reiki. Straight after my session Tania told me to go see my GP as she thought I had an infection, she was right!”.
“I don’t usually get along with my sister in law but I had to have dinner with her and her husband straight after my massage. Believe it or not, I actually had a civil conversation with her! I don’t know what she did to me but it was amazing.”.
“You have to let Tania massage the inside of your mouth! I’ve suffered from terrible migraines for years but when she massages to inside of my mouth I feel the pain and grogginess lift. Let her massage the inside of your mouth, seriously!”.
You can read more about Tania’s reiki technique and the history here
When you visit Tania, she too, like our dermal therapists will ask a few questions to gain a better understanding of what your needs are and the current state of your body. Read about the dermal process here
Some of the questions Tania will ask you:
“Do you usually receive massage. How often. What type of massage?”
“Is there anywhere you would like me to focus on today?” I ask them to show me exactly where.
“Is the pain recent or is this something that is ongoing?”
“Are you left or right handed?”
“What do you do for work?”
“Have you been in any car accidents, had any sporting injuries or big falls?”
“Do you tend to be warm or cold?”
Tania continues “I then have them stand up and stand in their normal position to see how their body looks. This shows me if there are any postural imbalances and determines what my massage will entail. I explain what I observed to the guest and my proposed treatment.”
Tania will also share vital, at home management techniques to ensure your body is headed in the right direction. These will include:
– Self Massage techniques
– Special herbs or elixirs to help cleanse and balance your insides
– IV treatments to boost vitamins and minerals that you may be lacking, you can find out more about this here
– Additional in clinic treatments to target key problem areas
Ready to discover the healthiest version of you?
To book in a consultation with Tania Dobbie:
Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
Email: [email protected]

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