Hose it down: Causes of inflammation

Even though the cause of Telangiectasia, spider veins, reticular veins or cherry angina veins are not known, it is seen to be connected to inflammation in the body.
Here are a few ways to manage the development of some of the above-mentioned veins:
1. Exercise
Exercise is one of the best things you can do to improve your blood flow and lower inflammation.
When you are in one position for too long, it is more difficult for your veins to pump blood efficiently to your heart.
Low impact exercises are ideal such as walking, swimming and bicycling.
2. Maintain a healthy weight
Carrying excess body weight puts additional pressure on your veins and can contribute to inflammation. This is often why these veins appear during pregnancy.
If the patient is overweight, veins would be difficult to treat with Nd Yag.
3. Anti-inflammatory diet
Your diet can help reverse inflammation and improve the blood flow in your body and possibly heal the veins faster and prevent future ones from forming.
A bad diet including trans fats, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods all contribute to the damage of veins, low circulation, blood pressure problems, hormonal imbalances and weight gain.
Another food group that should be avoided are those high in sodium, they are dehydrating and contain toxins that can make the inflammation in these veins worse!
Anti-inflammatory foods include:
High fiber foods – Fiber will help improve your heart health and digestive functions.
High antioxidant foods – Green vegetables and citrus fruits contain vitamin C & E, help strengthen veins, fight inflammation and improve arterial health.
Apple cider vinegar – we love this stuff and it is great for consumption and ingestion! It will improve circulation in the vein walls and it is an effective anti-inflammatory. Read more via our blog dedicated to this liquid gold
4. Turn off the heat
Heat increases swelling, it expands or dilates the vessels.
If you wish to lessen and prevent, it is important to avoid or minimize your exposure to any of the following sources of heat:
– Hot shower or bath, they can add to your symptoms
– Don’t sit too close to a heat source or even a hot room
– Hot weather adds to the development of some of these veins
– Hot water bottles, wheat bags and heat packs negatively impact the veins in the area of application.
Heat of course is not the sole factor in the cause and preventions of these veins, however,  it is a significant contributor!
5. Stress less
Stress can impact your body in so many ways! Read our tips on minimising stress here
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