Tips on how to have healthy looking skin in your 30’s.

Have you read the “How to: Look good in your 20’s blog? If you haven’t already, do.

Tips in there still apply in your 30’s. Read HERE

1. Are you wearing sunscreen? Step it up a notch, invest in a few hats.Beach hats and everyday baseball caps, the more protection you provide your skin the better.

2. Be aware of your facial expressions. We love our laugh lines but there are frown lines that sometimes give away more than you would like. Be conscious of your expressions when stressed, concentrating or even angry.

This action alone will really help with those lines. Do try and stress less, you can read some of our stress management techniques HERE

3. Keep it clean! Get great makeup brushed and clean them on a regular basis. Read our how to HERE . Keep the skin clean too, cleanse at the end of each day. If you tend to wear make up on a daily basis consider double cleansing.

4. We hope you’re moisturising, don’t neglect your neck, décolletage and HANDS!

5. In terms of makeup, don’t overdo it but get to know, highlighter. The light reflecting off the selected areas of skin will bring out your natural features whilst making your skin appear healthy, fresh and young.

6. Hair, the malting is not limited to summer now. It’s time to have a strong idea of what suits you. Find a hairdresser and stick to them. Start incorporating a leave in conditioner to keep the mane healthy, shiny and strong.

7. Healthy eating is important now more than ever. As you enter into your 30’s, your body will begin to reach its toxicity limit and cannot process toxins as well as it used to.

The build-up of toxins can occur due to too much caffeine or alcohol, not drinking enough water, junk food, stress, lack of sleep and exercise. This results in your metabolism slowing right down and you won’t look or feel as great as you use to. You need to rethink your lifestyle choices, no more crash dieting, don’t skip meals and plan meals!

8. Sleep. If you’re not getting enough sleep this can lead to a dull complexion and dark circles, you appear much older than you are. You may also find that the caffeine is keeping you up.

9. Don’t pick at your skin or touch it too much throughout the day. If you can afford it, lock in a monthly facial. Facials are more important than shoes in your 30’s! Read some of our treatment options here for 30 something year old’s HERE.

Don’t be so tough on yourself, read our wellness blog for the 30’s HERE, You don’t have to have everything figured out right now.

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