In deep: In grown hair treatment and prevention

This isn’t a glamorous topic to discuss but we all get them, men often on the face and ladies else where on the body. They’re in grown hairs, dead skin can clog up a hair follicle and this forces the hair to grown into the skin, rather than outward and upward. They’re not serious but if they appear red, irritated and swollen a course of antibiotics may be required to treat the infection that may have been caused by the in grown hair.

How to treat and prevent
Regular exfoliation will prevent the skin cells from building up causing the in grown hair to become embedded in the pore.
If ingrown hairs exist, it should be treated with exfoliation immediately. A dry exfoliation first with an exfoliating glove or a brush will provide a deeper exfoliation and encourage lymphatic drainage. This should then be followed by a wet exfoliation directly after the dry. The wet exfoliation is to treat the area and prevent the in grown hair from appearing or returning.
Products we recommend for the wet exfoliation:

Body + Scalp: Hydropeptide, Invigorating Body Wash: $60
This foaming peptide body wash contains active ingredients caffeine, which is a an ingredient that stimulates micro-circulation, assisting the skins healing process, lactic acid helps improve the texture of the skin whilst hydrating and brightening the skin and the final core ingredient are the marine extracts that improves the skins elasticity.

Face: Hydropeptide, Exfoliating Cleanser: $69
Used in the morning, every second day will help to gently lift the hair and regulate the cell turn over whilst hydrating the epidermis at the same time. Regular usage will see les ingrown hairs and overall improvement in skin texture and hydration.
Moisturising is also essential to avoiding those ingrown hairs! When the skin becomes dry, this is when the dead skin cells bind together to cause an obstruction in the pore, resulting in an ingrown hair.
In clinic treatments
Laser hair removal: This is great for all areas of the body. If in grown hairs persist laser hair removal is a pain free alternative to ensure the hairs don’t return and provide a smoother skin texture. Check out our laser hair removal blog here
Other treatments include:
SGA – read about this treatment here
LED light therapy – read about this treatment here
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