Interview with Hannah: Injectable Nurse at Bankstown & Bondi Junction

Hannah has been one of our Bankstown client’s favourite injectable nurses. She has worked in the cosmetic beauty industry for over nine years. She is recently back from maternity leave and resuming her role at Face Plus Bankstown and Bondi Junction.I sat down with Hannah to discuss her career as an enrolled nurse and of course her new role as a mum.

How did you get into cosmetic nursing?
Completely by chance. I started nursing in 2005 and worked in the public sector across industries such as aged care, mental health and paediatrics. It was rewarding work it just wasn’t for me. At the time I was getting Laser Hair Removal from a clinic close to my house. My therapist happened to be the owner and offered me a job. I worked there for quite a few years and it’s there that I began performing cosmetic injectables.

Did you love it straight away?
Not really. I think it’s important my clients know that I was a bit of a sceptic at the start. In 2007 the beauty industry was quite different and injectables were still relatively new. There was a lot of poor workmanship and women with unnatural results and it scared me a bit. It wasn’t until I properly started researching the industry that I realised there is a real art to the way we inject, not just the type of product we inject. Once I started injecting and achieving natural results for my clients I became a complete advocate. 

Describe the kind of clients you see and what do they hope injectables will achieve?
They are always a complete mix. I do tend to gravitate towards a more mature audience that are after rejuvenating and natural results. I’m not a huge fan of augmenting a person’s natural features. Filler used to be a big taboo for many of my clients, however, now it’s all about applying little amounts in a precise way to replace volume loss. My clients are all about subtle enhancements.

What do you think the ethos of injecting at Face Plus is?
I love that this company has very high standards when it comes to the expectations of their staff and their work. We like to focus on a more natural aesthetic. This doesn’t just apply to our cosmetic nurses but to our dermal therapists also. Our service menu is focused on non-ablative techniques that heal the skin while still being results driven. There’s a reason we offer herbal peels and not chemical peels. While the later might yield good results in the short term, ultimately, they create inflammation and scar tissue damage which will age you quicker.

What is the ultimate compliment you want your clients to receive from family, friends and peers?
That they look refreshed, rejuvenated and well rested. It’s not about freezing your face, it’s about calming it and creating that lift and glow that is synonymous with healthy skin.

I recently had a client that I did 6ml of filler in one sitting. She had a lot of volume loss due to weight loss and ageing skin. She had a lot of sunken hollows, so we needed to do her tear troughs to plump up the tissue around her eyes. We recreated a jaw line for her and gave her some beautiful defined cheekbones. At the end of the session she looked like she had been on a month-long health retreat. Her skin looked hydrated, healthy and youthful.

Now that you’re a mum, how has your own beauty routine changed?
It’s changed dramatically. I try to make everything a lot quicker and easier.
The first thing I couldn’t wait to do after 7 and 1/2 months of breastfeeding was to get Botox. It was the first thing I did. I had never had lines on my forehead, but those sleepless nights will give it to you. I had quite a few and I just wanted them gone.

Can you have injectables while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding?
No. I refuse to inject pregnant women, or women that are actively breast feeding. Whilst you’re pregnant you want your body to be a temple. And same when you’re breast feeding, you want anything you put into your body to be passable to the baby. It’s a risk I’m not willing to take.

Do you have a lot of mum clients and do you relate to them now on a different level?
Absolutely. Firstly, we have more in common and more to talk about. But more importantly I’m more realistic when it comes to budgets and financial concerns. I now know from personal experience the need to prioritise and factor in cost.

What is your one recommended injectable treatment for mums?
Muscle Relaxants. definitely. It gives an immediate wow factor and it lasts 4 + months. It’s great for stressed out, time poor, sleep deprived mums…which is basically every mum. I would recommend a couple of facials, but I understand that not everyone has the time or budget, so if I had to pick one or the other I would go muscle relaxants particularly around the eyes to relax the crows feet and the frown line. those two are the first places that women start to show signs of aging. On the plus side, you won’t look so angry to your partner.

Hannah is back working at Face Plus Medispa on the following days:
Bondi Junction – every Wednesday, call 02 8897 0078 to book
Bankstown – first Monday of every month. Next appointment: 4th June call 02 8897 0050 to book

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