Our registered nurse Stephanie has been given the title Miss Lady Lips by her very happy list of clients.

Stephanie divides her time between our Bankstown and Bondi Beach boutique.  We sit down with our blonde beauty and talk all things filler and fiancé because Stephanie is also the latest Face Plus female to get engaged….so very soon it will be Mrs Lady Lips.

Q: How did you get into the Beauty Industry?
My nursing career started off working in Plastic reconstruction surgery, So I guess I just fell into the cosmetic side of nursing when I moved to Sydney (from Brisbane) and decided to do further study and undertake a Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing.

Q: Talk to us about your training and qualifications, it’s extensive and I think something people often overlook this?
I have a Bachelor of Nursing as well as a Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing. It is quite a lot of studying but the best part about working at Face Plus is that the education doesn’t end there. We are constantly attending workshops and seminars to improve and expand our skillset.

Q: When did you join the Face Plus team and why did you pick us?
I started in February of last year. I had actually heard about Face Plus from my girlfriends. They had been to the clinics to have facials and injectables and just raved about the service. It’s a very beautiful place to work and I’m grateful I’m surrounded by such a lovely and supportive team.

Q: I know you do all kinds of fillers and muscle relaxants, but you’ve built a reputation as The Lips Lady. Why do you think this is?
Injecting for me is an art form. When you’re dealing with someone’s face you can’t have any mistakes. Lips in particular are such an important feature. You want to make sure they are balanced and in proportion to your face- it’s about harmonising the face. My biggest thing is that I listen to my client. Together, we create their dream lips. I prefer a natural lip look and I think my clients really appreciate that too.

Q: What is your ideal lip shape? Do you have a celebrity in mind that personifies your ideal?
Scarlett Johansson’s lips are always my fave.
However, I don’t have an ideal shape in mind I work with the client’s own shape to give the perfect pout. It’s all about enhancing, adding structure, fixing asymmetries and to bring back the youthfulness and add hydration.

Q: What should someone look for in their lip fillers and by that measure their injector?
A client should always be prepared to have a well-informed consultation prior to the introduction of any needles. The lips should also be discussed in relation to the clients’ whole face. A client should feel comfortable attending a consultation and maybe not having injections on that same day. Sometimes, people need to go away and think about it. I don’t like to pressure my clients.

Q: Have you noticed trends in lip fillers? Do You like these trends?
Lip Fillers have definitely been popularised by social media. In terms of trends, I have started to notice a lot of girls top and bottom being the same size I believe the top needs to remain a little bit smaller than the bottom. This is the way lips are naturally formed, so even if you add volume you need to make sure the natural proportions are maintained.

Q: What’s the perfect age to get lip fillers?
I won’t inject anyone that’s under the age of 18. In terms of perfect age, I think it’s more to do with a client committing to making a change in their appearance. I have women in their 50’s and 60’s that want to add a bit of volume. It’s so varied and it makes my job really interesting.

Q: What should someone do before they come for a consultation with you?
Come prepared. Do your research on what fillers are. While I think it’s nice to aspire to look like your favourite celebrity, people need to be realistic. There’s no point bringing in a photo of Scarlett Johansson if you’re a petite Asian with delicate features. I think it’s about studying your face and having a clear understanding of what you would like to change.

Q: If you are going to fill someone’s lips do you have any tips or tricks to help them prepare? Anything they should or shouldn’t do before?
It’s always best to stop any herbal supplements/fish oil for 1 week prior to your appointment. Any medication or supplements that acts as a blood thinner is not recommended as it increases your chances of bruising.

Q: How about after the treatment? Do you have any industry do’s or don’ts?
No exercise for the rest of the day. No lasering, waxing or facials for two weeks. And no lip stick or lip gloss for 12 hours

Q: After lips what’s next? Once you’ve had a customer take the plunge what do they often look for next?
Botox, cheeks, jaw line filler and chin augmentation. Its all about harmonising the face. I know it sounds like a lot on paper but you’re talking about a few ML of treatment. My injecting method is to help people look more rested. I don’t want my clients friends and family to say “you look like you’ve had work done.” The compliment we’re after is, “god you’re looking good-you look so fresh, what have you been doing?” Muscle Relaxants and Fillers shouldn’t be obvious in my opinion.

Q: Congratulations on your engagement. Tell us what treatments are you going to focus on leading up to your big day?
Thank you!
My skin is already in pretty good condition but I’m taking this opportunity to really step it up a notch. I’m currently working with our dermal therapists on a bridal boot camp for my skin. The plan is a course of Laser genesis intermitted by herbal phyto peels. My goal is to have a lovely, glowing complexion. Stay tuned for my progress shots.

For a cosmetic consultation:
Call: 02 8897 0000
Email: [email protected]

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