Men are now becoming conscious about their appearance and this has led to more seeking out “Brotox”.

We know that a lot of men and women have been avoiding muscle relaxants such as Botox and Dysport in fear of not having movement (frozen, expressionless face) or other people being able to tell “they’ve had work done”.

Cosmetic nurses have been successfully treating fine lines, wrinkles and many other concerns related to aging, for years.
“Brotox”, how does it work? It works by blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle is unable to contract and this makes the wrinkles and lines soften and in many cases, disappear.

The treatment inclusive of a consultation will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes. If you’ve had muscles relaxants with any of our nurses in the past the treatment time will be significantly less.

Immediately following the treatment your treating cosmetic nurse will advise not to rub or touch the injected area for a total of 4 hours, they may also tell you not to lie straight down.

The Botox or any muscle relaxant will generally take 7 to 14 days to kick in.
Another concern that is often brought to our attention is “How long it stay in my body, where does it go after it’s been injected?” Once the connection between the nerve and the muscle where it has been injected is blocked the “Brotox” does not remain in the body, it is cleared out.

Botox stays only where injected, it does not roam through the body but attaches to the muscles where injected. The effects of the treatment will last between 3 to 6 months, we even have patients who only require a yearly treatment.

Many of our male patients often decide to have “Brotox” due to pressures from their partner (I am speaking from experience). Following the treatment men are surprised with the amount of movement they have, yet there are no visible lines and wrinkles.

Another change that they may notice is their mood, muscles relaxants have been shown to lower feelings of depression, anxiety and irritability.

The study did note that patients did not see a significant difference in their appearance, suggesting the boost was not down to a lift in their self-confidence.

Interested in a cosmetic consultation? Want to know what to expect before you visit? Read through our consultation process HERE

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