Don’t forget the skin on your neck the skin is delicate and can show your age sooner.

Necklines appear from a young age and before prior to The Beauty Boost treatment there was little you could do to correct necklines.

The neck is constantly moving and lines on the neck appear stronger because of this. For those who are not quite ready for the injectable Beauty Boost treatment here are some tips on covering up:

  1. Use a scarf: it’s a pretty obvious one but very on trend at the moment!
  2. Laser: If the lines are still very subtle the Titan Laser treatment might be something you can consider. Read more here.
  3. One of the key issues this area faces is the loss of collagen and elastin, Laser Genesis is also an effective neck treatment that some can consider, read more here.
  4. Creams: If the lines aren’t as prominent as yet, prevention is key so start investing is some active creams that will help boost and lift collagen. We recommend the Dr Spiller, Cellular Night Cream.
    Don’t forget to use an SPF every day. The sun’s dangerous rays damage to your skin texture and cause more lines. Don’t skip this one, read about the benefits of using an SPF here
  5. Makeup tips: Concealer is key.
    Avoid products that will draw attention to the lines, products such as highlighter are very on trend but not your friend when it comes to necklines.
    Aim for a matte concealer, this will be the most flattering.
    When looking for a concealer, don’t skimp. You want to find a concealer highly pigmented. Higher the pigment the less you will need to use on the skin.
    If necklines are strong makeup may lighten the lines but they will not be invisible.Outside of cosmetic procedures we have recommended there are no lotions and potions that will make those lines disappear.

Beautiful, gentle, kind and loving women who are constantly looking at themselves in the mirror and tearing their appearance to shreds.

Thinking that if only they LOOKED differently, then life would be better.
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