Facial massage is not just for therapeutic purposes.

You may already be a fan of a body massage to help release tension and the stresses of your daily life but have you considered the benefits of a face massage?

Your face has 43 muscles and also 300 pressure points that are intrinsically linked to other areas on the body, meaning that stimulating and massaging your face can also have a positive impact on the body.

Not only does massage relieve tension, it also stimulates lymphatic drainage, helps increase blood flow and oxygen to those areas, thereby increasing collagen production, which helps give you a more youthful appearance if performed regularly.

The best thing is, it’s free and you only need your skilful hands and some understanding of pressure points.

Face Plus Medispa therapist Yvonne is a big fan of facial massage for its beauty and general wellbeing benefits. Face massage helps to eliminate toxins and encourages oxytocin production; this hormone acts as a neurotransmitter to the brain and is renowned for its effects as a mood enhancer.

Pressure Points

There are many benefits to working on pressure points during massage; it reduces stress, helps to clear colds and congestion, stimulates cell turn over, and improves skin texture and clarity.

Yvonne recommends the ‘Heavenly Pillar’, an acupressure point located one fingers’ width below the base of the skull. “This point helps relieve stress related to the skin, eliminates toxins improving the skin complexion and is also known to treat insomnia, swollen eyes, headaches and stiff necks”, she says.

You can stimulate this point by holding your thumbs in place and pressing for 2-3 minutes daily, whilst breathing in a deep and relaxed manner.

Another area Yvonne recommends targeting is the Third Eye Point, which is found between the eyebrows. This stimulates and opens the mechanisms of the pituitary gland connected to the endocrine system, which provides radiant health for the skin and can help alleviate pain and mood swings.

To access the Third Eye Point, place your index finger just above the bridge of your nose, in between your eyebrows and use a gentle pulsing action for a couple of minutes.

Face Massage Tricks and Tips

Choosing a massaging product that is suitable for your personal skin type is very important. Don’t be afraid to ask a professional for advice or ask for testers before buying an expensive product.

Remember that different seasons can result in a different product being required. For example, you may need an oily moisturiser in the winter but in the summer, where humidity levels are higher you may require something lighter unless you are constantly in air conditioned environments.

Yvonne says: “My favourite is Dr. Spiller Vitamin Skin Function Oil that is suitable for the face and body and restores natural lipids to the skin, which can be lost because of harsh product use or environmental factors. Rich in essential fatty acids such as jojoba oil, antioxidant Vitamin E and Retinal Palmitate, it softens nourishes and restores barrier function”.

“I also love Ultraceuticals Ultra Hydrating Lotion for a more lightweight agent that is suitable for oily skin types. It contains Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Sodium PCA that mimics the natural moisturising factor the skin produces. It’s cooling refreshing and soothing”, she adds.

For best results ensure the skin is properly cleansed, free from make-up and surface debris when doing a facial massage. Sanitize your hands and have the nails well groomed cut back.

Massage is definitely an important tool to achieve a healthy complexion. Yvonne recommends to make time to give yourself a 10-20 minute massage once a month.

To experience a facial massage at the hands of a professional, why not book an appointment at one of our Face Plus Medispa clinics in Sydney?

We’d be happy to advise on suitable products for your skin type and share tips on the pressure points mentioned so that you are equipped to continue this wonderful and restorative regime at home.

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