Choosing the products for Rosacea

It is common for people with Rosacea to be very anxious about what kind of products they’re putting on their skin. You want to avoid products with any aggravates or overly active ingredients. Rosacea clients should aim for products with hydrating and soothing properties to help settle redness and calm irritation. Below is a list of products we stock that our dermal therapists recommend to their existing Rosacea clients. Cleanser: Aloe Sensitive Milk by Dr. Spiller A cleansing milk formulated with Aloe Vera to gently cleanse and smooth reactive and irritated skin while effectively removing all traces of make-up and impurities from the skin. This hypoallergenic formula uses the botanical benefits of Aloe Vera to soothe and smooth reactive skin whilst reducing visible redness associated with Rosacea. Toner: Aloe Sensitive Toner by Dr. Spiller Sensitive Toner with Aloe restores the skin’s optimal pH level. Aloe Vera is an organically sourced, intensive moisturiser and antioxidant rich in avonoids, polyphenols, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and zinc. This non sticky, liquid formula effortlessly removes debris and cleansing residue without drying the skin out Serum: Sanvita Gel by Dr. Spiller A soothing and smoothing serum designed to nurture and visibly repair stressed, reactive and irritated skins. Instantly reduces the appearance of redness for a supple and more repaired complexion. This antioxidant and vitamin cocktail penetrates the outer epidermis for ultimate absorption and activity. Your skin will instantly appear more supple and calm. If you are having a particularly bad rosacea flare up, store your Sanvita gel in the fridge for an instant calming and cooling effect. Moisturiser: Sanvita Cream by Dr. Spiller A repairing 24hr cream with powerful polyphenol and anti-oxidant green tea to visibly soothe, repair and protect moisture levels of sensitised complexions prone to irritation and discomfort. Many Rosacea clients suffer thin and dehydrated skin which means that returning moisture into the skin is of critical concern. This Biomimetically curated cream replicates the skin’s own natural barrier function for moisture protection from environmental drying. Read more about this product here Mask: Sanvita Mask by Dr. Spiller Once or twice a week it is imperative for Rosacea clients to do at home hydration masks between their regular dermal appointments. The Sanvita Mask by Dr. Spiller is an instant ‘pick me up’ moisturising mask with emollients to soothe, smooth, visibly repair and even out sensitised complexions prone to irritation and redness. Read more about this product here Call 02 8897 0000 to book a skin consultation

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