Is it just me or the minute is changes from summer to autumn I get struck down with a cold and/or flu.

Maybe it’s my body mourning the end of summer, but without fail I’ll find myself stuck in bed with the shakes and body aches.

March in Sydney is notoriously unpredictable. Take last week for example. On Monday we had thunderstorms, followed by cold and dreary weather, but by the weekend it was a sticky heat wave.

While I always assumed it was the temperature changes that caused us to get ill it’s actually that the temperature shifts permit a different group of viruses to flourish, and it’s these viruses that make people sick.

So what methods can take to avoid getting sick? Well it’s best to start with some common-sense advice. Practice good hand washing, get plenty of exercise, eat healthy and make sure to get at least 6 to 8 hours of restorative sleep a night.

I tried all of the above and I still managed to get sick, but I did manage to avoid staying sick, here’s how.

1. At the earliest onset of the flu I make sure to stop exercising so I don’t push around the toxins in my body and make it worse.

2. Take a teaspoon of The Beauty Chef ‘Cleanse’ powder morning and night – The Cleanse is A delicious and easy way to enjoy a daily boost of cleansing and alkalising greens

3. Drink hot water with lemon, manuka honey, ginger and turmeric (anti-inflammatory and soothing on a sore throat)

4. Have a cup of Chicken or Beef Bone broth. Bone Broth is rich in collagen and is great for cleansing your gut and inhibiting infections caused by cold and flu

5. Get a B12 injection by a Face Plus Registered Nurse – after spending a day in bed I still felt so lethargic and my brain felt zapped but I needed to focus for work. A B12 injection helps improve cognitive function and helps to lower fatigue

6. Dress appropriately or come prepared. You might experience four seasons in a day, so pack smart and make sure to layer your clothes.

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