Is it just us or do we constantly battle between maintaining a healthy, dewy glow without looking greasy and overly shiny?

This is a battle fought both during summer and beyond!
Oily skin is especially more difficult because you can go from radiant to greasy in one hot second! Follow some of our easy tips to keep that oil production at bay while allowing your natural dewiness to shine through!

Prep work
Start with a smooth clean canvas. Be sure not to start with oily skin straight away. Make sure you have a suitable skincare regime in place to create a healthy balanced canvas.
Exfoliating is also key, why and how can be found via our “Turn Over” blog.
You want to add the glow and dew with your makeup.

Don’t reach for the powder straight away. Whilst it definitely reduces shine in certain areas, powder can take the mattifying too far, to the point where it can look a little too flat. Rather than setting your foundation and concealer with powder, apply a small amount of mattifying or silicone based primer to your shine prone areas – T-zone. Our primer recommendations can be found here.

Misty mist
Use a setting mist to ensure your makeup stay flawless all day long. Our favourite spray is the POMMIST Hydration Spray by Jane Iredale, $49

Containing no nasties, it helps conceal pores, fine lines and boosts SPF!

When it gets sweaty the last thing you want is glitter stuck to your skin. Shimmer, sparkles, glitter and all things shiny work against your dewy goals. Unfortunately the sparkles tend to draw more attention to the fact that you may be greasy. Reach for a subtle highlighter that will subtly illuminate.

Pack it
If you have a bag big enough, it’s always a good idea to pack a few tools that you may need to touch up throughout the day.

The facial mist will come in handy, you may also want to pack blotting sheets.
Try to avoid powdering throughout the day, unless you really need it.
OR avoid makeup altogether, stick to a great tinted sun block and book yourself in for some Laser Genesis, the laser facial treatment that will give you the confidence to go makeup free. Read how here.
Come and get us sweaty summer days and nights!

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