What is trending this Spring?

We discussed 2017 Spring colour trends in our previous blog, read here.

We provided some tips on how to incorporate the colours into your beauty but in this blog we delve a little deeper.

We’ve been seeing some serious 90’s throwbacks in fashion the last few months but were going back another decade and they want you to get ready for the 80’s.

If you read our Spring colour trends blog we really encouraged pops of colour in your makeup, fashion and accessories. The trend this year is really about the idea of creating colour shock!

For the hair, throw it into a side part! Make it a deep side part. Another hair trend that has been around for a while but sticking around are tight braids. You can combine the deep side part and braid trend.

A quick survey around the office found that a large majority of team members did not know how to BRAID!!
So, we have created this video for you, enjoy…


To recap, the key braid trend is to make them tight, whether they are braid, Dutch braids, plaits or corn rows.

Sorry we’re not hair pros but we thought we did a pretty good job, right?

One topic we know back to front, inside and out is our most favourite trend, CLEAN SKIN! The braids, hair parts and pops of colour should contrast the clear, bright and healthy skin.

Creating the BOLD element in your overall look hinges on the all-important element of clean skin.

This Spring, Face Plus Medispa’s mission is to get to you reveal your clean skin. As some of our reptiles do as things heat up, shed that old skin!

The first step in to visit Face Plus for a consultation. Does the idea scare you? Read about our consultation process here.
The consultation process is not a scary but an exciting journey to discovery.
Following a thorough skin consultation your dermal therapist will prescribe a treatment and homecare program. Time and money is always taken into consideration when setting #SkinGoals.

It’s your skin’s time to shine!

For a, thorough skin consultation or a colour matching session with an experienced team member: 
Call: 02 8897 0000
Email: [email protected]

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