Check out those cheeks!

When people think about cheek filler it’s common that chipmunk cheeks come to mind. We think about the cheeks as only the fat pads on either side of your nose, however, cheek filler actually refers to your entire cheekbone.

To locate your cheekbone, place your thumb directly above your ear tragus and your index finger below your nostril. The line that your hand creates is where your cheekbone is. Cheek filler encompasses all of that area.

The only person you want to see with chubby, chipmunk cheeks are babies. At Face Plus we understand people’s hesitation to undergo cheek fillers. The plastic surgery victims of Hollywood have given the procedure a bad name.

The puffy, overstretched facial fillers are enough to turn anyone away, however, these unnatural results are often due to over-filling, inappropriate product placement or even the use of the wrong product.

When I think of great cheekbones, I think of Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell and Keira Knightley. Their naturally high cheekbones have a sculpted appearance and give their face a gorgeous, youthful lift.

When we’re young our face is full of curves, which reflect light and gives us a more youthful appearance. As we age, these curves start to flatten due to volume loss plus skeletal remodeling also occurring along the jawline, temples, cheeks, brows and chin. Fat pads under the skin shrink creating valleys within our face.

Our skin starts to lose its strength and becomes thinner and inelastic. The face slowly flattens out.
The ultimate goals for cheek filler is to enhance facial contours and restore balanced age-appropriate outcome.

When placed in the appropriate position with the appropriate amount of HA, fillers can give phenomenal results. Deep placement can actually lift and support the cheeks which in tern restores a more youthful appearance.

The benefits of cheek filler, is that the results are immediate and there is minimal downtime. Micro-injury caused by the needles stimulates the body’s own wound healing process triggering collagen production. Cheek filler is an effective solution to restoring smoothness and volume to the face.

When you’re looking for a cosmetic injector take your time to research their results and find a specialist that understands your needs.

Make sure you go to someone who understands the facial anatomy and has a good eye for symmetry & balance.

Someone who can study the movement of your face whilst understanding the bony architecture so that the filler placement is natural and supportive.
If you are considering cheek filler, book in for an injectable consultation today.

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