When Justin Bieber sang “You should go and love yourself” he was on to a very good thing.

Self love is one of the most undervalued health tools alongside sleep and rest in my eyes.

Read about our favourite sleepy tea here and because it is such a foreign concept, when you bring it up as a health topic, people tend to shy away from it.

Why? Because when you talk about ‘loving yourself’ a natural response is to assume that this is a selfish or arrogant way to live. We live in a world where it is expected to put everyone else’s needs before yourself.

Any wonder most of us relate to being a people pleaser? Going out of your way to do things for other people, make other people feel comfortable and loved and welcome, ignoring the little niggle within us crying out for our OWN love and support?

It is time to flip this stigma on its head once and for all. Self love is the most valuable gift you can give yourself, and here is why…

You will be able to give MORE
Picture self love like a cup that needs to be filled. The more you fill your cup with, the more full of water it becomes, even until it is overflowing.

If you have an overflowing cup, then there is plenty of water to give to others, right? Self love acts in this exact way. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

The more full, or overflowing, your self love cup, the more love and energy you will naturally be able to give other people. The emptier your cup, the more drained your energy and ability to give 100% your all to others.

In fact, if you are running on empty and not ‘topping up’ your self love cup, then you run the very real risk of fatigue and burnout. Self love is the remedy for this. You will be a better partner, parent and friend as a result of it.
Your energy will thrive
Self love assumes that you put your energy first – meaning listening to your body and resting when needed, without the guilt factor. We are not meant to operate at a go-go-go level each and every day, but because this is such a common way of living, we consider it normal.

When you are coming at your energy from a place of self love, you respect your body’s need for rest and recharge – every single day.

Spending your Sundays on the couch, taking nana naps and watching Netflix can actually be BENEFICIAL to your health if it is what your tired body is crying out for. Respect your body enough to give it rest – even 5 minutes – every single day. And be sure to prioritise your sleep – 7-9 hours is paramount for optimal wellbeing.

Your confidence will soar
When you are bursting with self love, you wake up feeling genuinely GOOD about yourself – regardless of what you look like, and regardless of what the scales say. That’s the dream, right?

An easy way to develop great self love and self confidence practices is to start an affirmation practice. Repeat to yourself every single day an affirmation about yourself that you wish to manifest: perhaps it is “I am healthy and glowing with happiness” or “My body is strong and toned”. Continue repeating this in your head throughout the day – remember, what you think, you become.
You will be kinder and gentler
When you practice self love, your patience soars. We are our own harshest critics and it is extremely difficult to silence that ego-fuelled voice in our own heads, telling us we are not good enough.

The more you practice silencing this voice in yourself, the gentler you will be with other people – as you recognise we are ALL fighting our own inner battles.

You will naturally become a kinder and more patient person, with others and most importantly, with yourself.
You will inspire others
When you are living your life unashamedly from a place of love, you inspire others to do the same. You will emit a glow of happiness and health that is entirely because of how you see yourself.

You will choose to eat foods that make you feel good, you will move your body because you respect yourself enough to exercise, and you will only say yes to doing the things that make you genuinely happy.

Leading by example is a wonderful way to live your life, as you leave a wave of inspiration behind you for others to mirror.
Your health will be at its best
Finally, self love is paramount if you want to ditch diets and fad exercise regimes once and for all. If you are bursting with love for yourself every day – the decisions you make for your health will be 100% aligned to love.

Gone will be the binges, flogging your body at the gym without a break, saying yes to please others and sticking it out at the job you hate. Your sleep will improve, your skin will glow and your body will be healthy and strong.

Stuck on where to start? Our wellness expert Hollie Azzopardi is an expert in all things self love and available for your session now!

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