Back Acne Be Gone!

If acne had a catchphrase it would most likely be “I’ll be back”. And just like the Terminator franchise, it’s (sadly) true to its word.

The good news is that just like the robots in the film, bacne can be stopped, and at Faceplus Medispa in Sydney, we have an array of ammunition primed for action against the invasion of said back acne.

So firstly, what causes acne?
There are a number of contributing factors; excess oil production thanks to a change in hormones is one of the most common reasons. The oil, along with existing dirt or dead skin cells on the surface of the skin can clog the pores and aggravate it, causing spots.

The fact that our backs are harder to reach and wash than the face makes it susceptible to congested pores. Pollution, bacteria, sweat and even humidity can also play havoc with our sensitive skin.

Bacteria live on the skin and if it enters the clogged pore or follicle it can multiply, causing inflammation and acne cysts and pustules, the red painful looking spots we recognise as acne.

What can we do?
Our nurses and skincare practitioners will start by are asking some questions and taking a closer look, and will then be able to draw up a bespoke plan to treat your acne.

We say ‘bespoke’ not because we’re trying to be fancy but because the simple truth is your skin, lifestyle, genetic make-up, personal skincare habits and history of acne and possible scarring is different to everyone else’s so it makes no sense to make a sweeping statement that one specific treatment will cure the acne on your back, or even your face for that matter.

Here are some of the top acne fighting options available at our Medispa clinics:

Back to Back Treatment
We often neglect our backs when it comes to skin care, which isn’t helpful if you have deep pores or oily skin.

So why not lie down and treat your back to a full cleanse, massage, deep exfoliation, enzyme peel and completed with a mask? Not only is it a thorough cleanse for the skin on your back, it’s also extremely relaxing!

Herbal Activ Peel
Laden with plant-derived ingredients such as witch hazel, calendula and spirulina, this peel is massaged onto the affected skin and includes post-treatment instructions and a skincare regime to follow.

The natural ingredients are perfect for acne-prone skin and will help strip away the dead layers, revealing healthier skin.

Lumps and bumps package
One treatment is rarely enough to tackle problem skin and so we have come up with three different packages to attack mild, moderate and aggressive acne that include lasers and peels for the best results.

Check them out here.
Sebaceous Gland Ablation
Ablation… it has the same ring to it as ‘obliteration’ and that’s pretty much what this treatment does to active acne, and it does so without harsh chemicals or medication.

There are thousands of sebaceous glands on our skin and we use an electrical current to target spots on an existing breakout in order to shrink it and stop future spots from appearing. It will take several treatments to decrease the pore size but we find it an effective tool to combat acne and are happy to be one of the very few facial rejuvenation clinics in Sydney to offer this SGA treatment.
Blitz acne with blue light

Call the cops! Blue lights are not just used to attract attention for emergency vehicles, when used as laser therapy, as with Omnilux LED, they also offer amazing anti- acne properties by targeting bacteria, destroying excess sebum production and reducing inflammation.

Dr. Spiller Skincare

It’s no secret that at Faceplus Medispa we are big fans of Dr. Spiller products for the simple fact it works and we see the results on a regular basis to affirm this! Two products from the extensive range we are likely to recommend with acne breakouts are:

The decongesting Dr.Spiller’s Acnoderm gel that contains cinnamon bark and amino acid Arginine, which helps reduce inflammation associated with pustules.

 Dr. Spiller’s roll on, comprising of bearberry extract and the ‘pimple power ingredient’ that is salicylic acid, which actively helps clear existing spots and prevents new blemishes from appearing.

There you have it. A breakdown of fighting back breakouts. Don’t suffer alone; let us be your Terminator and win the war against spots, so we can say Hasta la vista, bacne!

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