Moisturised lips and a matt lip look, not possible! WRONG!

Matte lipstick has the tendency to leave your lips feeling dry at the end of the day. That is because matte lippy’s increase the concentration of ingredients like powder pigments and waxes to create the desired flat, matte finish.

So, what are the secrets to achieving a stylish matte look without giving up the nourishing, moisturising feel you love and deserve?

Mattify with powder
First, begin as you would when applying your favourite lipstick shade. Next, take a tissue and separate the two-ply. Hold one side of the tissue to your lips and dust your favourite mattifying powder through the tissue onto your lips.

The tissue helps ensure you apply the right amount of powder to lock your lipstick in place and provide them with a matte finish. We recommend a powder from the Jane Iredale range, check out your options here.

If you have a blush or eyeshadow share that you like you can create your own matte lip colour! Begin applying your lips with a lip balm (a hydrating one). Then use your finger or an eye shadow brush to gently press the powder on top. You’ve just created your very own hydrating lip shade!

Line and fill your lips with a lip pencil, no lipstick. The waxes and oils give you a matte look without leaving your lips feeling dried or chapped.
If the above tips don’t do it for you, have you thought about exfoliating your lips?
It’s easy to do all you need is a face washer and steam! Read the instructions here.

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