Jodie is our Bondi Junction Face Plus dermal therapist.

When Jodie joined us she had already undergone multiple lip fillers from a clinic in her home town.

While Jodie was initially happy with her lips, over time the substance used started to break down and disperse unevenly across her lips.
The injector also placed a large portion of the product on the inside of her lips (closest to her gum line) this forced the lips to protrude outwards, giving the (duck or fish lip appearance)

Jodie’s lips were big, but unbalanced and as we know with beauty, proportions and symmetry is everything.
Upon joining our team, she consulted with our injectable nurses JC and Jasmine at our Bondi Junction Clinic. They agreed that the best way forward would be to completely dissolve Jodie’s lips and start fresh.

The dissolving / breaking down process is medically known as Hyaluronidase.
Typically, our practice doesn’t like to offer this service, however in cases such as Jodie’s when a patient comes to us really unhappy about another practices work, we seek to resolve their concerns.

The process is very similar to getting lip fillers, solution is injected into the lip and the lip line and over a period of 2 weeks the product works to break down the filler’s substance. You can however notice results instantly.
The process takes two days with most of the injections occurring on day one and only touch ups made on day two.

While our nurses seek to minimise the pain with numbing cream and agents in the needle, on day 2 your lips are sore and slightly bruised so the day 2 injections can cause discomfort.

You cannot have new fillers injected for 2 weeks following Hyaluronidase. If you do, the solution is still in your cells and will work to break down the new product, deeming it ineffective.

Jodie waited 2 weeks and came back in for new, plumped, hydrated and symmetrical lips. She also decided to have cheek fillers, which was a new procedure for her. After 2 weeks Jodie felt like a whole new woman.

I interviewed Jodie over the course of her treatment. Read our Beauty blog of the week here to see her experience: the good, the bad, the painful and the totally worth it.

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