“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything is better.”-Albert Einstein

With the change in seasons, the uncertainty of covid, and life in general, its hardly surprising that your skin is maybe looking and feeling a little flat.

Introducing: Herbal peels! The perfect blend of relaxation and corrective skin treatment to give your skin the healthy glow it deserves.

What are herbal peels?

Herbal Peels are a corrective all-natural skin treatment, completely free from chemicals. We use a unique herbal composition that becomes activated by a gel or lotion-like solution. This solution activates the exclusive blend of herbs and we massage and embed them into the deeper layers of the skin which provides a natural peeling procedure for skin rejuvenation.

The first trials of herbs in skincare started in Germany in 1959, originally perfected through clinical trials to treat acne. After more research it was found and further developed to treat other concerns including skin impurities, hyperpigmentation, oily skin, enlarged pores, ageing skin, scarring and healing inflammatory skin conditions.

The herbs themselves contain many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which provide healing, increased blood flow, increased cell renewal and regeneration. They continue to work for the next 48 hours following your treatment, releasing their actives and giving you a long-lasting result to healthy, glowing skin.

At Faceplus Medispa we provide three different levels of herbal peels which will always be tailored to your skin type and concern by changing the applied pressure, time the herbs are left on the skin.

The treat can be altered to be an advanced peel by choosing a different solution to activate and deliver the herbs deeper and faster into the skin. The chosen solution will help reduce inflammation, infection, redness, dehydration, swelling and regulates moisture content.

The difference between chemical vs herbal

Resurfacing treatments like chemical peels remove the outer layer of skin which can leave you feeling fresh and smooth.

However only now to have your skins defensive barrier weakened leaving your skin more susceptible to free radical damage, bacteria pathogens and sensitised skin.

When a herbal peel is performed the skins barrier is never compromised.

The compound contains pure herbs only, this means NO acids, toxins or synthetic harmful ingredients that can cause this breakdown of the skin barrier.

Instead, the micro circulation and lymphatic drainage of the herbal massage increases blood circulation, delivering oxygen and feeding nutrients into the skin.

Which is the magic of the herbs, leaving the skin fresh, smooth and glowing after treatment.

Another added benefit is that the herbal facials can be applied to all Fitzpatrick skin types (different nationalities and skin colours).

Unlike traditional chemical peels which can risk post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

Herbal peels also do not cause any sun sensitivity and is a very safe treatment for pregnant and breast-feeding clients.

The powerful blend of herbs that we work

Horse tail- Oil absorbing, skin firming, strengthens connective tissue.

Marigold– Reduces infection and strengthen the skin

Aloe vera– Antiseptic, hydrating and calming
Algae- Regulates sebum (oil) production, purifying and skin smoothing

Chamomile– Anti-micro biotic & soothes skin irritation
Pansy- Control’s infections and skin blemishes

Lungwort– Removes dead skin build up & encourages cell regeneration

Sage- Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and regulates sebaceous (oil) production

Witch hazel- Calm’s redness and inflammation

Spirulina- Contains 250 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

These natural herbs all have so many individual benefits and it is easy to see why it would be hard to turn down any kind of herbal peel!

 Herbal Hydration is the most popular. This peel contains no downtime and is very hydrating for the skin. It targets all skin contains and you may go about your daily duties immediately after treatment.

Herbal Phyto peel is a corrective and resurfacing peel that may contain some light skin shedding 3-4 days post peel. It feels like a light sunburn and it is advised to allow your skin to have a rest from any exercise or heat-based activities 24 hours after treatment.


Herbal Aktiv C peel is the most corrective but intensive peel leaving you with a new skin in 5 days. It speeds ups the natural skin cell turnover that is normally 28 days to 5 days! There will be some downtime associated with this peel.

Always speak with your dermal therapist to see which peel is best suited for you.

We start with a skin consultation available at all of the Face Plus clinics.

Here our dermal therapist will assess which peel is right for you and kick start you to plumber healthier skin!

Book in for a consultation!

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