I have always been in two minds about “goal-setting”.

On the plus side, goals are a wonderful way of holding us to account when it comes to achieving our dreams.

We can set goals that act as a way to work towards the life we truly want – our ultimate health, wealth, relationships, career…and the list goes on.
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However, in my time as a coach, I have also seen the detrimental effects goal setting can have on us. We can set some really unrealistic goals and end up feeling bad about ourselves when we don’t achieve them.

We can work our butts of towards a goal that may have mattered at some stage in our life, but isn’t even relevant anymore.
What I have learned is goals don’t work for everyone – and that that is okay.

Instead, what really matters, when it comes to winning at life, is having a crystal clear idea in mind as to what

WINNING looks like for you.
And here’s the thing: it looks different for everyone.
I know some people who’s ultimate dream is to find their soul mate, get married and have lots of babies. Their ultimate ‘win’ is to settle down with a family.

Now, for others, that dream is enough to make them laugh. Why would they want to settle down when their dream is to travel the world, live a bachelor/bachelorette lifestyle and continue to do so well into their later years?

What matters here is identifying what YOUR dream life looks like.
Ask yourself the following questions – and be as specific in the answers as possible:

If money didn’t matter, and fear didn’t exist…. 
Where would I live? 
What would I be doing for a job?
What would I be doing in my spare time?

Who would be in my life?
What would my weekends look like?
How would my health look?
How would my bank account look?

How would my love life look? 
We don’t often sit and reflect on what we TRULY want, and can get caught up living lives for someone else, and on someone else’s terms – be it a partner, a boss or a loved one.

To REALLY win at life, you need to first understand what winning looks like for you – and you alone.

Once you have done the work on answering these questions, get visual with it.

Purchase a cork board and start printing out images that reflect your dream life. Want to travel the world? Print pictures of the places at the top of your list. Want to buy your dream home? Find an image that best represents it, and pop it on your board.

This is called Vision Boarding and is not to be underestimated – rather than ‘goal setting’, vision boarding allows us to really SEE what it is we want to be creating, and subliminally we start to attract more opportunities that are in alignment with these dreams.

I have been keeping vision boards since I was 18 and cannot begin to tell you what I have achieved from really clarifying what it is I truly want in life. I have visited every single travel destination that has been on my board (Disneyland twice in one year was a highlight), and I even was proposed to in a castle I had posted on a board 5 years earlier (my fiancé never even saw this board).

Stop putting pressure on yourself to achieve, and start to really acknowledge what kind of a life would truly light you up. When you can get clear on THIS, the rest will just naturally fall into place.
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